LV paris not so nice

  1. Hello all

    SO i jsut came back from the LV in champs de lysee.. and i was quite suprised at the attitude. i walked in .. looking normal not too sruffy carrying my bbag and looked around.. no one really noticed me they were busy as alway... i went upstairs its a bit quiter.. i stood at an empty counter 2 sales ladies jsut looked me and didnt say anything.. i then walked up to one of them.. i was like can you please help me. she didnt look very intersted.. i was like i would like to go on the wait list for the damier azur line.. she just looked blank.. i was like its coming out in novemeber? sh3es like.. no we dont have alist ( mind u it took her like 2mins to answer) then i was like ok. can i please see the new epi color. she said no. we dont have come back in a month.

    All this was done so curtly and rudely.. i wanted to buy a cles but after that i jsut wanted to leave. she was sooo rude. i felt horrible.

    BUT more importantly.. wait list? and no epi in the paris shop?? i dont get it..
  2. OMG this sounds awful and im going to Paris next year and was thinking about buying from that store because its a bit cheaper than here in the UK. That is so rude, not to even think about your question. Are you french cause if your french she may just be interested in tourists with lots of money...but this is awful
  3. OMG that's sooo bad......Why would they behave that way:rant: ????
    I'm so sorry you had a bad experience, but don't let this happen again, ask for the manager, or go to the St Germain boutique, I find them very nice and patient there even if I'm French and not that "interesting" for them business wise;)
  4. Just remember that they are just sales staffs whilst you are the King of the store. Next time try asking for the manager of the store and b**ch abt her. :smile: Go in the store again next time and if you see her again, snub her. LOL
  5. I was just thinking then and this same thing happened to me in my local store. I went in to get my luggage tag but asked to look at a cles then when he got it out I said to him "can you heatstamp these" - daft question :Push: he wasnt sure and asked the manageress who stood there and nodded no but had a slight laugh when she nodded which made me feel :sad:. Then I waited at the counter whilst he packaged it up and she came over to the counter fixing everything so I thought that I would give her another chance to I smiled at her, She completely blanked me and put her head down. Although my SA is nice and the manager of the store is snobby, what does this say for all the other staff ?
  6. thanks guys.. hi socilaite no im not frnech dont even speak it. and i wanted to buy had she been nicer i might of bought somthing..

    i was just annoyed at her attidue and lack of knowledge. anyway whatever. ive had nice SAs there before maybe shes just having a bad day
  7. yeah dont worry about it, they act snobby but If they were so posh...they wouldnt be working at the store they would be owning it.
  8. That is too bad.:sad: A flagship store to have SAs that act this way is truly shameful!!! I would call the company's head office and tell them exactly what happened to you!!! That store is THE FACE of the brand!!! How dare they?!:rant:
  9. if they are treating you badly shouldn't you just boycott LV? Look on the bright side Oprah too got snobbed at Hermes
  10. That's horrible...I am so sorry!
  11. i think it all boils down to the famous French snobbery. the Champs-Elysees flagship is only good for browsing; the staff there think they're all that because they work at the Louis Vuitton store :blah:, and in their typical French way, they're even more uppity if you don't speak French.

    my mom and i went back to Paris last year, and the staff there were literally looking down their noses at us until we spoke to them in French :mad:
  12. Hey Baby Boo - don't worry, I got the same stupid attitude when I went there to buy, and I bought over 1000 euros of stuff. So what did I do ? I told her exactly why the service sucked ass. I ought to have also talked to a manager but I didn't have the time that day.

    Anyways, I hope you have a better experience elsewhere. I remember in Cannes, the staff was extremely nice !
  13. sometimes you get really nice ones and sometimes you get the snooty-grumpy-feeling-superior ones too. when i get attitude, i'll just pull them back to earth in a subtle kind of way like asking where they got their shoes (pleather) or watch (Bolex) from :graucho: but when i was in Paris, i couldn't complain about their service at all.
  14. People who have no interest in providing a service shouldn't make a living off of it. I would have been furious and I probably wouldn't let it go with out writing a letter
  15. Attitudes such as this from any SA makes my blood boil,sorry you were treated with such a lack of respect.
    Do yourself a favor spend your money where you are well treated.