LV Panda & "Onionhead" bags....

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  1. I know these pictures are fakes, but did LV ever make bags like these? I can't find any legitimate information on any other than the Panda (which I am dying for, btw). Thanks!
    35c0c50e.jpg 1.jpg
  2. I have a Panda that I bought in LV in NJ, but it looks more like the first bag, it's a panda on the traditional LV. I've never seen that panda, but it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist!
  3. I have my eye on one of those...the panda on the traditional LV. I love it! Which bag do you have?
  4. I have the Louis Vuitton Monogram Panda Pochette.
    I try to get the Limited Edition Pochettes when they come out. I also have the Graffiti and Cherry Blossom Pouchette. I didn't get the Cheries and now I'm regretting it!

    My husband thinks that I've lost my mind because to him they're "all the same purse!" I love them!
  5. I don't think there ever was an Onionhead bag. I think Onionhead only was in the Alice in Wonderland 5 minute movie and in the Madison Square Garden Murakami display. I might be wrong, maybe it was only in Japan, but I have NEVER seen an Onionhead bag or anything.
  6. That jewelry box is the only thing i've ever found & its I think you may be right!
  7. The Onionhead character is kind of scary. IMO :blink:
  8. I think the onionhead is weird too! But what do I know??!! I liked the Panda when other people hated it!!
  9. Thanks! I always check out the Huang family items on ebay. Expensive but very nice! I really want that coin purse now...sigh.

    The onionhead is pretty scary! LOL
  10. Onionhead and LV logo with hands were produced on those jewerly boxes. I think counterfeiters are kind of cute sometimes, how they get all creative.
  11. i remember seeing the onionhead on the hewelry boxes, and as beautiful (and ridiculously priced) charms......
    i love love love the panda line.....i have the panda charm, the panda pochette, and the panda agenda.....*sigh....i love them all :love:
  12. Lucky, I love the panda pochette.. especially how on the other side, it's panda bum !! :lol:
  13. he, he!!
  14. I agree, it's quite ugly and scary looking.