LV panda agenda

  1. I've had mine for awhile and I've never used it (I've realized that I'm just not organized enough to write stuff down in a planner) and I'm wondering if I should keep it or sell it. I love it and I think it'd the cutest thing in the world, and it was soso limited and impossible to find, but I also feel like it's a waste if it's just sitting there collecting dust. I just sold my cerises speedy and listed my multicolor wallet cuz I never used those (and hated to see them going to waste), but I'm pretty attached to this agenda (I think it's cuz I have the matching pochette and key ring).......soooo....should I sell it or should I keep it? If I did want to sell it would anybody be interested in it? I'd probably list it in the marketplace if i did decide to sell........
  2. Since you are undecisive I suggest you keep it awhile longer and see how you feel. When you are ready to sell it you will know.
  3. i don't think i'll ever know :sad2:.....i'm just about the most indecisive person in the world.....if i want something and i don't get it i'm always like....shoulda gotten it.....but if i do get i'm like i don't like it anymore i shoudlnt' have gotten it.........i can never even decide what i want to eat for my next meal because i can't choose....i drive ppl crazy :weird:
  4. I would keep it for now- if you sell it later, it'll be worth more too!:biggrin:

    Just wondering: how much did you pay for it?:shame:
  5. After taxes and stuff it came to just under $300 which I thought was a bargain, cuz it cost only a little more than the regular monogram agenda.....I am leaning more towards keeping it i think :worried:
  6. The Panda agenda will probably hold its value since it is limited edition, so you can always sell it afterwards too if you decide to keep it for now ! ;)
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