LV Pampilles Key Holder on Eluxury now!!!

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  1. It is available in Framboise. I just ordered one....yay!!!!! Love framboise!:yahoo:
  2. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics. :love:
  3. I am trying to order one too...but something weird is happening at checkout! Argh.
  4. It's so cute but I wish it had the M&M looking things on it instead. Oh well.
    Hope you get one, Lulu!!!
  5. Lovely.
  6. I saw these yesterday in real life, and they look very nice. IMO, the framboise looks the best. The red colored enamel is brownish and the white enamel doesnt show up well against the gold.

    My SA told me there will be another style with these charms, more like a bracelet too, so I am holding off.
  7. How cute!
  8. I LOVE all these new key holders and the heart/envelope vernis pieces with all the doodads. I am scared though that the "gold" on them is going to do the same thing as the zipper pull on my mono cles. The "gold" chips off, as many of you know. It's not such a big deal on the cles (but you'd think LV would come up with something better), but if the "gold" on these items does that, they're going to end up looking terrible. Does anyone know that this won't happen with these pieces? How have the other recent "gold' key rings been holding up? Have they been chipping or tarnishing real bad?
  9. really cute...must look awesome as an extender...imagine those charms dangling off.. :tender:
  10. That is so cute.
  11. i have the pochette extender that i put on my keys to attach to the d-rings in my bags, and the gold hasn't chipped, but it has worn down so that i can see some of the silver behind the gold. not a huge deal but i'm sure it would bother some.
  12. This is too cute!!
  13. so cute- but I missed it :sad:
  14. very nice congrates
  15. Oooo post pics when you get'em