LV Palm Springs Mini VS Alma BB VS SpeedyB 25

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  1. Hello purse lovers!

    I am getting my first LV bag but I can´t decided which one I want, my options are:

    1. Palm Springs Mini Backpack
    2. Alma BB in Epi Leather (Still not sure which color)
    3. Speedy Bandouliere 25 in DE

    Last month I got the SpeedyB but when I heard a new model was coming (with the interior zipper) I decided to return it and wait for it. Meanwhile I discovered de PS Mini and fell in love with it because it is a very unique bag and also features the beautiful LV Monogram. However they increased the price in Europe this week (100 euros more :o) so I am not sure if it is worth it since this is still a tiny bag.

    If you own any of these bags, what to do you think about them? Prons and Cons of each one?

    Thanks for helping me!!!:biggrin:
  2. i own the speed bandouliere 25 and really like it. speedy is still my favorite style of lv. so iconic. having said that, i am waiting for my palm springs mini backpack to arrive. have not seen it in person yet but the reviews look great. i think it will be a great crossbody bag and lately, that is my most used style of bag ( crossbody ). the mini backpack looks like it will be around for a while but no one knows exactly how long. i have heard 12 months mentioned on these forums. for now it is hard to find. not sure how that will play out. i think if possible you should try them both on and see what works for you. best of luck!
  3. I have the speedy b 25 in DE (new model with zip pocket) and I love it! It easily holds all that I need to carry on a daily basis with room to spare. I love how comfortable the handles are and the option of throwing it over my shoulder when I need my hands free. I do love the Alma bb but it just looks so tiny to me. I'm not a backpack fan so I can't comment on that one.
  4. If you don't have a Speedy yet, I'd go with the Speedy B 25. It's a classic and you'll probably keep it forever. Alma BB is classic too, but the Speedy B 25 will hold more, while still being small. So it's very practical.

    I think the Palm Springs Backpack is a very trendy piece which may look dated in the future. Not saying that you shouldn't buy it because of that reason (because you can always sell); but if you want a "forever" bag, I think the other choices are better.
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  5. I would get the Alma or the speedy as they are tested classics that will last.
    The mini backpack is nice and very trendy (which is good and bad) it isn't so unique as other brands have or had a similar, marc jacobs had one crossbody mini backpack in leather last year.
  6. I must have been missing out on something! I haven't heard about the Speedy B w/ the zipper! Can you please take a pic? :smile:
  7. The speedy gets my vote as your first bag :smile:
  8. I would say speedy.
    But that little backpack is so CUTE!!
  9. I would pick either Mini backpack (really want the MCM version) or Speedy B 25. :P
  10. Grab a mini backpack while you can. You can always get speedy b 25 or Alma bb later.
    The store manager comfirmed that mini backpacks are seasonal items, not permanent.
    I have speedy b25 DE so far my favoriteLV bag. Classic and worry free.

    I got store credits from my empreinte speedy b25 recently and was debating my next purchase. Thinking to get mini backpack + Neverfull MM/ Alma bb.

    I vote for mini backpack √ next--- Speedy B25 for everyday bag.
  11. just wondering about the mcm backpack. i have never purchased from that label. on the website it cautioned against color transfer under certain circumstances. has anyone here actually owned an mcm bag and if so, how was the quality? just curious. for me i love the lv mini but would be interested in hearing about this line.
  12. +1 Get the mini backpack while you can cause its very limited. Very special and unique design

  13. I have a visetos tote from 2009 and I have never experienced any color transfer. The bag is literally indestructible! The amount of times I've tossed and bashed it around back then when it was in constant use, it still looks amazing up to this date.
  14. For a daily bag, I'd go with Speedy b 25 in DE. For a small bag that is very chic, can be dressed up easily yet still worn casually, I'd choose an Epi Alma BB! It really depends on your current bag " needs", but I'd go with something sophisticated and classic. Good luck choosing.
  15. I prefer the speedy b 25. It's classic and iconic, and it can be dressed up or down. But I'm biased, my favorite bag is my speed b 40. I think the mini bag pack is cute and trendy (for the moment) and also looks like a young teenager should wear it. It's very casual, and then again, the speedy b can resemble a gym bag. But in the long run if it makes you happy, that's really all that matters. Who cares what I think! My taste is unusual. I'm looking forward to an update on your decision.