LV Pallas or W Bag?

Pallas or W Bag?

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Apr 13, 2013
Hey guys!

I want to get a new handbag as a gift for a family member (she's a female) and I cannot decide which one to get. My budget is $6k, so both of them are in my budget. Would you recommend the Pallas or W bag?


BTW, I put A Bag in the poll, but I mean W BAG. (Oops)


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Oct 22, 2010
Either bag will be a wonderful gift.

How will she be using it? Will she want a longer strap? If so, that could help make your decision, as the W Bag is a top handle and the pallas has a shoulder strap.


Sep 27, 2008
Pallas hands down!! Here are the reasons I chose the pallas over the W bag:

1) Versatility~the pallas has a shoulder strap and can be worn on the shoulder. You can also purchase a longer crossbody strap (I use my audacieuse strap for crossbody wear). The W bag is predominantly a handheld bag.

2) The price~ The pallas is almost half the price of the W bag. I think you get more for your money considering both are largely canvas bags. For the price of the W bag, you can buy an all leather bag.

3) The looks~ I personally prefer a less busy bag. I find the pallas to be a very classy bag without too much going on. It also has suede lining and a touch of leather on the top which sets it apart from the other canvas bags.

4) Resale value~ while this is always a tough thing to predict, my experience has been that when bags are discontinued or LE, I have received less money when I've sold them. There are exceptions, but given LVs crazy price increases, I think the pallas is part of the permanent collection and will increase in value as long as it's available. If the W bag is discontinued, the only point of reference is the price you paid for it.

Just my opinion, and I am sure many others may disagree with me but at the end of the day, you have to choose the bag that fits your style:smile: Happy shopping:smile: