LV Pallas Clutch in Poppy or Noir?

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  1. I am about to order online the Pallas Clutch. I sold my Eva and I miss it and thought this would be the next closet thing.
    The Poppy has my attention but I have searched and searched and I can't find any pictures or reviews.
    I am definitely a pink girl. But I am unsure if this bag will go with everything or just stick to the noir??? Help 😜
  2. Both are amazing

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  3. And in Noir

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  4. Noir will be easier to match. I prefer Noir.
  5. IRL poppy is more like coral. if you are looking for pink there are better choices perhaps? but i am biased towards black
  6. Unfortunately the picture doesn't truly depict the poppy on the Pallas clutch at all!! I was sold on this picture and went in to look at and buy. Got there and it's darker! My SA said they were a little sad about it also, because it's really close to the cerise color. So he put both the cerise pallas clutch and the poppy side by side and they are so close!! I really wanted that orange/coral color. The mono Emilie wallet with the poppy interior is gorgeous and i expected that same color. It's for sure not! Also it's kinda small. And since I own the Pallas, i thought the outside pocket of the clutch would have the magnet closure like the Pallas. It doesn't. All three choices of the cerise, poppy, and noir are pretty, but poppy on this cutie isn't pink or pinkish for sure.
  7. I have cerise and I love it! I'd say Noir since I'm not a fan of Poppy. I bought cerise because I already have pochette accessoires and needed dressier small purse.
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    Thank you such much for this!! This makes me sad I really wanted the coral ink colour 🙃🙃🙃 i don't live near a store and
    Rely on this forum and reviews
    Thanks again 😋

    Edited to say I will love to get black 🍸❤️❤️
  9. I LOVE the Noir - I saw it in store and had to pinch myself really hard to not buy it (I was there for something else). I love the darker strap on the Noir too. I think it looks like a worry free bag!
  10. Poppy. It's such a nice pop of color. :smile::smile::smile: