LV Palermo PM or Totally MM??

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  1. Hi guys,

    I need a everyday use shoulder purse and have been debating on either buying a Palermo PM or Totally MM. Can you please help me decide which one I should get. I love the details in the Palermo, and think Totally is kinda simple/plain. On the other hand i own a Trevi and I am afraid I might have have too much of the same pleated design if I get the Palermo.
    Thanks for your help =)
  2. I vote Totally..... The Azur would be a great summer look
  3. Pleats are in--Get the palermo
  4. between the 2 I would probably pick the palermo... but my favorite not listed is the galliera!!!!
  5. I prefer palermo over totally =)
  6. Thanks guys! I already own a Galleria and a Speedy 30 and LOVE them! I need an addition to my LV purse family =)
  7. Palermo
  8. Palermo.
  9. Palermo
  10. I vote for Totally MM in Azur. Palermo is a hand-held, not a shoulder bag.
  11. Sounds like we may be twins, I too own the Galliera and speedy 30 and next on my list is the palermo for my birthday in June. So I vote palermo:tup:
  12. Actually Palermo is a handheld/cross-body/shoulder/tote. Listed on as shoulder bag & tote.;)
  13. palermo for sure
  14. Palermo can be handheld or shoulder style.
  15. Palermo will always get my vote.