LV Palermo PM or Prada leather tote?

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  1. Hi hi! I've always been a fan of LV and have just decided to add another LV bag to my collection that can carry me through casual and more formal occasions.. I thot the Palermo PM is both cute and presentable and is the right choice for me! But then on my way to buying the Palermo, I walked passed the Prada store and this full leather Prada tote bag (with a shoulder sling too) stopped me short!

    Here are the photos of the Palermo PM and the Prada Tote... since i'm more of a LV fan, i decided to ask for opinions in the LV forum.. I'm in a dilemma.. Pls do help me decide which one to get in terms of durability, maintenance, style and brand value!

    Thanks to all!! =)

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  2. The prada is gorgeous, but I love my Palermo so she gets my vote!
  3. I like both, especially the natural color of the leather on Prada and vachetta trim on Palermo. Is the leather coated on the Prada? I vote for LV Palermo because I think it holds up better and value too. :smile:
  4. Hi Phedre, thanks for your vote!

    Can i check with you if you've any problems with the vachetta handles and bottom trimming of Palermo getting dirty easily?
  5. LV of course in my OP...
  6. I'm a LV fan, so I say palermo. it's a great bag and the zipper is very pretty on it also.
  7. Hi Elliespurse! Yes, the prada tote is made of coated leather, which makes it easy to maintain i think... although i must admit in terms of workmanship, LV is better...
  8. I like the Prada's leather, but the bag looks like a glorified briefcase. Go with the Palermo...more versatile!:tup::yes::tup::yes:
  9. Palermo!!! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::yahoo:

    You won't regret it!
  10. Hi Ladies, thanks for your opinions! I'm inclined to stick with Palermo now... but being clumsy with bags, i've always been getting LV in damier... this is the first time i'm looking at a monogram bag and i've heard horror stories abt vachetta... that's the only thing bugging me now...
  11. If you like the Prada then I would get that first. I don't know that much about Prada but their bags seem to change pretty quickly and are difficult to find, so if you see one you like then I'd buy that before you miss it. The LV will be around for years, so you can always pick up the Palermo in time. But if you prefer the Palermo more then get that now, I certainly think it's a cute bag.
  12. I love my palermo and have not had any issue with the vachetta, I was a bit worried as well but I use mine daily and love that I can carry it by hand or throw it over my body when I have the kids with me, go for the palermo!
  13. They're both gorgeous, so I don't think you can go wrong here. I have the Palermo GM and it is a lifesaver for work, and the pleat the hardware always make me smile. In terms of the vachetta, I just sprayed it with Shining Monkey just as I do all my leather goods--I haven't had any problems. But there are a lot of hints and opinions on maintenance here that you could look into as well. OTHOH, I just saw a black Fendi lambskin Twins tote that seems to be calling my name as well, so . . . :biggrin:
  14. Like the both but-PRADA wins, hands down. That bag is beautiful and they age so well. :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  15. palermo!!!!!!!!!;)