LV Padlock

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  1. I know this may sound stupid, but I recently bought (actually my lovely husband bought it for me :biggrin:) an Alma PM, and while I was out using it today it occurred to me that perhaps I should take the padlock off the zipper. Then I got wondering what others do with their padlocks? - take them off? or leave them on?

    I only have one other bag that came with one - it's a tiny bag (I don't know the name of it but it looks like a miniature Speedy in black multicolor) and the padlock just looked wrong left on so I took it off that bag.

    Also, I'm assuming that NOBODY would actually lock their bag - or do they?
  2. I have 2 speedys and i take the locks off because if you don't, the leather where the lock is will get discolored and the hole will sag. I hear that a lot of people take the locks off their bags when they aren't using them.

  3. I leave my locks on my bags. And I do sometimes use the locks to "lock" the zipper; it depends upon the situation/location.
  4. I never leave the locks on. It gets in the way, and unless you actually are travelling, you don't really need it :biggrin:
  5. Me too. :biggrin: I usually lock the bag when I put it away at work.

    Most times, I take the lock off the bag when I come home.
  6. I leave it on. I like the way it looks
  7. All my locks are stored away, as I usually don't use them.
    When I know I will be using them, I take them out.
  8. i leave the lock on... and I don't use the lock at all
  9. i keep the lock on but don't ever lock my bag. however, when I am not using the bag & storing it in the box, I take the lock off.