LV padlock question

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  1. Should all LV brass padlocks have a lock number on the bottom of the padlock and on the key? A very kind friend has given me a replacement lock she said she's had for ages for my Alma after my daughter 'misplaced' the lock after 'borrowing' my bag (guess who got a months grounding LOL). The new lock doesn't have any numbers on the bottom just the lock hole and 2 small holes on either side of it (almost like tiny screw holes?). The key looks odd as well and doesn't have any number on it.

    I don't want to insult my friend by asking if this is genuine, but I don't want to put this on my lovely bag if it's fake.

    I contacted LV customer services via their website about replacing the lock but never had a response (poor show LV). I think I'll have to take the bag into a store to get one.
  2. They are supposed to have a lock number on the bottom and no holes to the sides of the opening, but you can always go to a LV boutique and get a replacement lock for about €20/$30.
  3. I'd say the lock is probably fake. I'd go into the store and get a new one, and never say a word of it to your friend. Good luck.
  4. I also have a question about a padlock. My speedy 30 came with a lock that read #448. and it only says:


    and does not have "made in France". I searched if there's a thread on different numbers of the padlock (because I know there are many) but couldn't find any.

    Can somebody help? Does lock & key #448 exist??

    P.S. Kaz02, Sorry I don't mean to steal away from your thread, but didn't want to start another thread with a similar title :smile:
  5. The stamping is what it should say however all lock I own and have seen have a 3xx number.
  6. Thanks, styloboy.
    So the stamping:


    is correct?

    I saw the other ones (3xx padlocks) and they seemed to have "made in France" beneath the word "PARIS". Would it be possible LV started making these recently and took off the "made in France" and the numbers went from 3xx to 4xx? I'm so confused..
  7. I have a lock for my 4 year old speedy 35 and it says

    Louis Vuitton
    made in France

    and on the bottom it says 304
  8. Hi! I just received a Speedy 30 as a gift... when I checked the padlock it has like a tiny hole near the keyhole... is the padlock authentic?
  9. I have been buying LV since 1974. The old locks did not have a number on them. Take your LV to a store, but look for an older (50+) associate. Plus, in the 1970's, French Company made the bags for Saks and Neimans and their locks weren't numbered. Your lock may be vintage, but authentic.
  10. Question for you...did the French Company Speedy's sold at Saks and Neimans come with keys for the padlock? I have a suitcase that still has the set of keys that goes with the same kind of lock that is on the speedy. I added pics of my suitcase. I sure would appreciate any help! Thank you! Screenshot_20200416-130304.png Screenshot_20200416-130316.png Screenshot_20200416-130323.png