LV Owners: Do You Like When the Patina Sets in on the leather

How do you like your mono canvas LV leather?

  • When it is in its original light color shade

  • When it changes to a honey color

  • When it changes to its lifetime shade of a dark brown color

  • It does not matter

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Dec 1, 2005
I own quite a few monogram canvas Louis Vuitton products. However, I am little fearful when the bag has too much leather on it because at some point it turns from its original light color leather to a honey color and eventually a dark brown color. Do you think it is attractive when the patina gradually sets in on the LV leather?

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Dec 14, 2005
Now that my bags have begun to patina, I miss the original light color......guess that means I must go get a new one!:biggrin:

I think the light patina is pretty whereas the darker is nice on some styles of the mono canvas but not necessarily on others.


Nov 16, 2005
I like the light color, but what really bugs me about the vachetta is its sensitivity to water, dust, dirt, everything. In order to get a beautiful patina, you have to watch everything that you do. The dark honey of the patina is pretty, but only when it is a clean honey, not a dark patina obtained through dirtiness.


Sep 13, 2005
I don't like when it changes color at all, thats why I don't buy an LV bag that has that affect if I'm not absolutely in love with the bag. My SA says that the handles and most leather can be replaced for a fee though, so whenever it gets that bad I'll just take it in to have it changed out. I really can't stand how ancient it looks once it gets to be a certain shade of brown.


Dec 17, 2005
Most of my LV bags have got a light honey coloured patina on the leather parts. I rather not take them out in the sun.
Actually the weather is hardly ever hot and sunny here in Northern Europe. :sad:

But I rather have darker brown handles than natural light beige, since most fake :mad: bags have got very light ones.
Nov 1, 2005
serendipity3kb said:
I like when they turn but I leave them by a window for a few months and rotate the bag. When I finally begin to use them the color is even and they never look dark and dirty.

Yeah...I put mine out in the sun on a little towel, and rotate it every 15 minutes or so...when I bought my Popincourt Haut, I didn't like that it looked BRAND new, and so "tanning" it for a couple days really helped.


Dec 29, 2005
I read on a website that in Japan they wait til their LV's get darker before they will carry them b/c they think the light leather makes them look like a LV "newbie".

I actually like when the patina is a nice honey color, but I don't like LV's that are super dark on the handles b/c I think it looks kinda dirty.

I love the honey colored patina on my LV speedy and I don't want it to change! :lol: Its a nice even color w/no stains.

I've found that some dept stores mark down Coach and Dooney stuff that has gotten dark. I got my coach wallet that way- it was $198 originally and they marked it down to $78- this was at Hecht's. The ouside is a nice honey color but the inside is still so light :biggrin: For that price, I didn't care! Here's a pic:


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Dec 31, 2005
Don't mind it turning too much, but anything after 10 years just look a little toooooo worn. Can't really be comfortable from the hand me downs from my parents..............i know, i sound like a spoiled brat.....


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Oct 24, 2005
As I posted on another thread, being a horsewoman from way back, I prefer leather to not look "new". Whenever we bought a new saddle, I'd spend weeks putting neatsfoot oil on it to darken and soften the leather. That said, I'll be letting my LV vachetta leather darken on it's own. I think it's most attractive with that honey patina, and yes, I won't feel like such an LV newbie! :P