LV overkill?

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  1. Hi peeps! Im about to travel again and this time im planning to carry my Evora in DE. Im thinking of getting a slightly thicker scarf to wear. Im really interested in the LV logomania scarf. Its very cute. Do you think it will be an overkill to wear LV scarf and LV bag? Normally i wear my silk burberry or gucci scarf when i travel, even in NYC in winter...sorry if im weird . but this time we are going to even colder place. If you think logomania is too much, could you please suggest other scarves for me? My backup is a snood i knitted myself, but im not too confident to show it to the world. Thank you!
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  2. Which color of the logomania scarf were you considering?
  3. Im thinking of buying the red logomania..
  4. Yes that is beautiful. IMO it would not be overkill with your DE bag.
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  5. Not at all.
  6. not overkill -- wear both together and enjoy!!
  7. I rarely wear my monogram shawl anymore because I find the logos to be way too much. To put it simply, as time goes by, I want to wear less and less logos.
  8. Red with DE looks great! I would go for it! For me, though, the scarf and bag would be enough. I wouldn't add more LV to that. There is such a thing as overkill. :biggrin:
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  9. Red and DE are meant to be. I think it would be a great fit.
  10. Huge 2nd
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  11. I have the red logomania scarf and it receives many compliments. I wear it on the weekends it’s very warm and cozy. I usually wear my Burberry scarfs to work.
  12. I like Acne Studio scarves for warmth. The larger size is fantastic folded, but you can also unfold it and it's more like a wrap. If you want to go non-logo, then try Acne.
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  13. That’s a good suggestion from @KimTX .
    I also recommend checking out Nordstrom cashmere scarves. I just bought one for my mom and it’s amazing. I own three of their oversized cashmere scarves myself and wear them all the time.
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  14. Thanks for all the suggestions and opinions! Turns out we are going to meet some friends while we are on holiday and i dont think its appropriate for me to wear too many luxury goods infront of them. But i think i will get the red logomania scarf after i come back from holiday because its really cute! . Hopefully LV will still have it.
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  15. I understand this sentiment completely. I don't wear certain bags around certain people/groups. I know many wouldn't care - it's your money spend/wear as you wish - and I get that but I do take these things into consideration at times.