LV Overcharged my account?

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  1. I made a purchase yesterday with LV via mail order. I have a debit Visa -that is my personal savings acc. attached to Visa to use for all online/internet/paypal purchases, I only net transfer funds as I buy for security reasons.

    Today I've noticed there is an extra charge of $685, on top of the item I bought for $910.... as a result my savings account was charged a $50 reference fee and account is overdrawn?

    Obviously I plan to call LV tomorrow, but what happens in this situation, do I just wear a reference fee, do I ask LV compensate it, or do I chargeback via the bank and let them sort it out? :shrugs:

    If it were a regular Visa it wouldn't matter but as it's a debit/savings acc. this creates a problem. Has this happened to anyone else before?

    TIA :smile:
  2. I'm sorry I can't be of any help, but I had a similar problem a week ago.. I tried to order from a website but got an error message twice saying that the adress was wrong.. = the order was never completed, BUT somehow they were magically able to charge the CC.. I emailed them and asked them to cancel the order. Got the reply "we never recieved your order so as a result we never charged your CC". Contacted my familys bankman and told him about the situation and he removed the "hold/reserve" on the CC.. so contact LV and if they can't solve it themselves, contact the bank! :smile:
  3. Contact LV regarding the $685, figure out what that is first.
    then for the $50 service fee, contact the bank after you know the reason of over-drawn.

    If LV reverse the $685 charges, your bank should have no problem reverse the service charge.
  4. You should call LV and say your payment is wrong, that they charged you something more apart what you bought. I work in a store and when something like that happens what we do is ask for a paper the bank gives the client saying their last payments and then I am sure they will ask for your credit card number and some password and they will return you money in less than a day
  5. It does happen but just call lv to sort it out..

    LV store overcharged me once when I had waitlisted and gave them my cc number. They never called me to go look or pick up the bag, and a few wks later I realized I'd been charged for it. I called them and they quickly realized the mistake and refunded my cc.

    Good luck!
  6. it sounds like the price of the rose pochette?
  7. Just ring them and see what happened, then also request since they made the mistake that they also credit enough to cover the bank charge!
    Good luck, please let us know what the outcome is!
  8. Something similar happen to my friend at the boutique. I'm glad you caught it. Usually it's an oversight or mistake, but you never know.
  9. I would call LV asap. Maybe the SA added something to your order by mistake? LV should refund your CC & pay your bank's service charge.
  10. i agree to call LV, find out what the charge was, and then explain what happened. they should be responsible for the overdrawn fee since it was their error...
  11. Any news here Paije?
  12. All sorted, a newbie handled the sale and processed an extra item of someone else's with my details, reversed and all sorted, bank will reverse fee. Just a pain, but mistakes happen we are all human.
    Thanks everyone!
  13. wow that's crazy
  14. good to hear that.