LV Over the Years

  1. Has LV quality stayed consistent over the years? Are the materials such as the monogram canvas and the vachetta leather, exactly the same as they were 20 or 50 year ago? Opinions anyone?
  2. i wasn't into LV back then, but I would say that the quality is the same, if not better than 20-50 years ago. Do keep in mind that LV luggage was the only luggage that survived the sinking of the titanic's trip back up to the surface (2 miles of slowly bringing it back up, with all the pressure and such, that's hard!), so i'd say the quality is pretty much the same..

    however, i do hear/read of stories of people's speedy's and whatnot having loose threads or things falling apart, etc, and the only thing i can say about that is: with a mass production of such an item, it's bound to happen. Think of the Toyota Camry - the best selling car in america.. sells the most out of any car maker including the domestics... so there are bound to be some problems.. my friend had a 2005 (bought in 2004) camry and it had soooo many problems, it was as if the car was 1985 and not brand new.

    So back on topic, the speedy and there have been other models that have had problems too.. but unique/not so popular items, I would say are still built with the same quality. With the exception of the Manhattan with the 'koala' clasps breaking off.. that was recalled and fixed.
  3. I definately notice the difference even from 10 years ago. Ive seen speedy's with crooked stitching. Dont ever buy anything thats made in the US anymore. Thats why i wont buy mono or damier anymore bc theyre all made here. :sad:
  4. that's not necessarily true...
  5. The speedy I got this Christmas is made in the USA. It's perfect.I have no problem with it!However, some of the new materials they start using for the LVs I don't know.
  6. I would agree. I just recently ordered a Cabas Mezzo, Babylone, and Looping GM from Eluxury and they were ALL from France. No problems with them. Quality is exceptional as always from items that I get from Spain or France.
  7. Disturbing to me was the fact that a LV store manager I spoke with today stated that the brass hardware may tarnish in the future. This really upset and worried me, so I immediately cancelled my order for a white suhali l'epanoui GM that I was exchanging from a previous one that I ordered and had to send back be/c it came with lipstick on it. I just cannot justify to myself spending that kind of money on one purse that may not look as good in 5 or more years, or even sooner, who knows. I'd lose alot of sleep over that.
  8. I've said this ad nauseum but my mom's Speedy from the 80s looks just as good today as it did when she got it. She used that thing every day from when I was in kindergarten until I was in 8th grade. Granted, it has aged gracefully, as the vintage trunks have (darkened patina, less shiny hardware, etc.) But it's still useable and gorgeous and I doubt any other bag from that long ago would still be in one piece. My mom still uses her vintage monogram cles and her checkbook holder and both are from the late 80s, early 90s. She'd still be using her vintage Porte Tresor wallet, had it not been for her interest in the Vernis and Muticolore ones. Anyway, I guess my point is, that my mom is NOT easy on her pieces and they're still useable and she's never had any problems with any of them..she began using them before I was in kindergarten and for some of the pieces, she's still using them now and I'm a junior in college. And as a side note, I have many pieces from many different collections and all vary as to where they were made. But I've never noticed superiority in craftsmanship whether it be from France, Spain or the U.S.
  9. I think their quality is better than it was. Of course, there will always be a small sampe of products that are defective. Nothing is perfect.
  10. The Oldest Piece I Have Is 30+ Years Old. They Are All Made Beautifully. The Last Mono PTI (I Have Newer PTI's From Other LV Collections) I Bought Was In 1998. That's My "Everyday"...& I Have Had To Have It Fixed A Couple Times (Just Little Wears & Tears, I Just Don't Like The Way That Looks). I Think I'm Going To Bring It In Again. I Should Buy A Few (In Mono) & Rotate.....So, I Don't Give Them So Much Wear.
  11. I had a question about bringing the tiems in to get them fixed for wear and tears. Is it true that the boutiques have 2 year warrantys and if so what can be done during that time?
  12. The SA I talked to said there is a 2 year warranty on manufacturing defects, such as threading, zippers, etc. If say you rubbed it too harshly on something, or u accidently wrote on the leather with a pen, that can't be fixed. What they do during the warranty is get it fixed for free, or exchange if the damage is too terrible. After warranty, you pay the fees for the repair. Is this correct? I had this convo a month ago, so I may have skewed some info.
  13. So if I bought my stuff at eluxury does that apply too?
  14. My friend bought a Damier wallet, and the threads are coming off. She's pretty upset.
    I have a feeling that LV quality is got as great as 100 yrs ago. Now they mass produce a lot of items, unlike before.
  15. I have to say that I have an eyeglass case (room for two pairs) that I bought in the 80s - still looks like new save for a few loose threads here and there - truly amazing!