LV Outlets In Europe

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  1. from what i know LV does not wholesale or sell goods right on factory grounds, but since i've been living it spain people keep coming up to me (when they see my bag) and say how they bought their's right from the factory for so much cheaper. and i say they do not sell from the factory and they say they do. so i'm confused. can you girls help me out????:confused1:
  2. That's 99.9% untrue.
  3. ask them to take you there.
  4. I think they meant sweatshop :lol:
  5. LV definitely does not do that
  6. No, that 100%!
  7. Hahahaha!! :roflmfao:
  8. ya definitely untrue!
  9. LV is impossible to do that. A made up story.
  10. :yes: :yes: and report back to us..;)
  11. I dont think it's true, though it would be nice if it was.

  12. Yikes!! Have you seen the movie "Hostel" or "Touristas" yet?!?!!?

    LOL JK:P
  13. I live in Italy, we have outlets of Gucci, Prada and Fendi, also for Tod's and Hogan. But I'm sure that LV and Chanel doesn't do something like that at all!! (I know some Chanel are made here, LV don't think - but however never heard of any outlet of both!)

  14. LOL :roflmfao: :roflmfao: OMG..never thought about it..I've seen Hostel Yikes!
  15. There's Chanel outlets, like for instance, at Woodbury Commons in NY.

    But no dice for Vuitton, completely untrue..