LV Ostrich Alma...

  1. Has anyone seen these or know anything about them? I think I saw one being carried (90% sure) in Boston and it was really nice...are they available?
  2. Are you sure it wasn't a Bolide?
  3. yeah...the exotic collection is rarely ever seen...since most of the time you even question if it's actually LV...
  4. Nope, not a bolide for sure as it had the leather around the bottom as the Alma -- I saw it being carried on the subway and was in awe!! I love ostrich - just didn't know how often you can find it! Thanks for the input...
  5. I've only seen it in the Le Catalogue, never lucky enough to see one in person!

    Last year's catalog:
    Exotic leathers:
    Alma 32X24 cm 13" x 7"
    N90011 tobacco brown
    N90012 cognac
    N90013 chestnut
    Also came in Safari alligator: N90001 Havane

    hth! :flowers:
  6. Thanks crochet!! I have an old catalog that I looked it up and saw them!! Maybe I'll check the store -- they're bound to be less than Hermes lol!! I assume anyway!! Probably hard to get though...
  7. No problem Shoes! I'd love to find one too! :yes: I don't know if they still make them but maybe special order? :shrugs: I'd love one in cognac!
  8. Sounds gorgeous! Let us know what you learn...
  9. it looks great on Lilo but i would not get one
  10. Wow, that's pretty Irene! :love:
  11. Isn't it?!:love: I like it a lot better because you don't see this shape as often as you do Alma.
  12. That is nice! thankfully too small for me though lol...saved for another moment!!