Lv or Ysl wallet?

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LV or YSL wallet?

  1. LV

    28 vote(s)
  2. YSL

    8 vote(s)
  1. I can’t decide between the LV victorine wallet and YSL compact tri-fold wallet.
    Both are trifold, with 6 card slots and a coin zipper. LV is $545 and YSL is $650, but I’m not trying to decide based on price.
    Which wallet looks prettier and more luxurious? Trying to choose a design I won’t get tired of after a few years of use.
    I appreciate your opinions. :smile:

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  2. I would never buy a wallet with that kind of hardware. It will show wear and tear fast, I would go for Louis Vuitton.
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  3. I think the giant YSL will look dated in a few years. The Victorine in mono is more classic.
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  4. YSL is so dated and quality is so meh. LV hands down.
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  5. I would go for the YSL wallet. I think it looks more luxurious and chic.
    I’ve been using my YSL bill pouch as a wallet for the last 9 months and it’s still in perfect condition. There are no scratches on the hardware or the leather. But it’s true that you might have to be more careful with this one than with the Louis.
  6. Oh, also YSL is trash.
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    LV. LV wallets will REALLY stand the test of time. I've had several over 10 years old and they look like new. Not sure how this YSL wallet will hold up. And YSL fashion changes so much (has to do with internal runnings of the fashion house), so this could be a fad in a few years.
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  8. What is your reason for saying that? Is it because of quality?
  9. Hands down LV and victorine is a great choice. I have one and love it. Perfect size. Not too big or small. Fits a lot and very sturdy with the canvas. Great quantity and will stand the test of time. I find the YSL not that appealing and the material not luxurious at all and it’s dearer? Even more reason to get LV. You won’t go wrong and you can always resell if you want too down the line and has good resale value too
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  10. care to elaborate? xD
    I have been trying to get myself to buy one of their WOCs or toy lulu for ages and i just can't bring myself to xD
    so prettier is LV, luxurious (just because it's leather i guess) YSL.
    However if I won't feel the leather I can't be sure and canvas is a workhorse for something you touch with dirty hands, in and out of bags, put in tables etc. I would go for victorine (even though i hate the design) just because of the canvas. Alternatively, check for clemence or zippy if you like that style.
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  11. I think quality is probably adequate, but this type of YSL leather goods is soooo overplayed, especially amongst the "lulu-yoga-latte-EssentialOils-LOUBSonTHEweekend" crowd that I would rather get herpes than own one of these.

    *Strictly my opinion, of course.
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  12. Lmaooo so much hate for ysl fableux. But i laughed because i have an sdj supple and the camera bag but also have lv. Lol :biggrin:
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  13. yoga is still in style? :P i thought they would have gotten over it already :P
    and what's with the essential oils fashion that started? do they know people can have asthma crises from these ****?
  14. I know l’m a bit extreme. :P
  15. We're on the LV subforum so for sure it's more likely to get the LV response here anyway, but my two cents:

    I honestly think the LV wallet will hold better and look more classic. I have multiple wallets and handbags from LV and if they told me I had to pick one or the other (I could only have LV handbags or LV wallets), I'd pick wallets. Durable, classic, and there's something about the LV canvas to me that makes it very satisfying to hold in my hand.
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