LV or MJ, help me decide

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  1. i thought i should post it in the regular handbag subforum to be fair.
    i have LV and MJ, and now want another one of each. But moneywise that would not be good.....
    so help me decide either to get LV coussin or MJ stella.
  2. [​IMG]

    it's so cute--it really does look like a pillow! I would personally prefer the Stella but since you just bought the leather Mulberry I would say LV for you
  3. kiwi....
    are you a mulberry expert?
    i nede immediate help.... pm-ing you know.
  4. I think MJ stella
  5. LV:yes:
    I have that coussin bag and :heart: it!
    Love LV:tender:
  6. I like the stella-more pockets!
  7. Stella!
  8. Stella! :love:
  9. LV for me!
  10. I would go with the Stella.
  11. *Chanelling Marlon Brando* Stella! Stella! Stelllllaaaaaaa!
  12. Hahaha! I definitely agree...the Stella. I've had one since 2003 and LOVE it!
  13. I agree with the majority, go with the stella !
  14. I love the Stella :love:
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