LV or Marc Jacobs?

  1. I love both of these bags. Help me choose, ladies!

    The Louis is $375 and the Marc is $250.
    lvmonogramcerises.jpg marcjacobspinkleathershoulderbag.jpg marcjacobspinkleathershoulderbag2.jpg
  2. def MJ!!
  3. The Marc Jacobs. I just like it. Does anyone know what style that is?
  4. Lv!!
  5. Marc Jacobs all the way!!
  6. LV :love:
  7. Lv!
  8. marc
  9. LV, so cute:smile:
  10. Lv!
  11. Marc Jacobs. Leather + Suede Lining. =)
  12. Louis Vuitton!:love:
  13. MJ! It's so cute; I love the color.
  14. Lv.
  15. LV! The cerises line is soo cute!:heart:
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