LV or.... LV???

  1. Hi everyone!! One of the LV that i want is up for sale on eBay right now and at a great price for BIN [i won't disclose the bag because someone might buy it] lolz.. j/k :graucho: but if you really wanna know just PM me. Well anyway, my hubby and I are planning a trip to Las Vegas :drinkup:, the monday after Valentine's Day :heart:. I thought it would be cool to go during Valentnes, but it really doesn't matter to us, so i figured the Monday after would be ok [less crowded] --- well anyway, i'm a stay at home mom and he makes all the income, and so i gave it shot and said... "hey, what do you think about this purse?" His response was "Louis Vuitton or las vegas" --- one or the other?? :confused1: OMG, so hard!!! He's never been to Vegas and he loves playing cards. We would be staying at the Wynn and the cost for airfare and hotel for 4 days and 3 nights is right at $980. The bag i want is $2000... decisions.. decisions. I could never talk to any of my other friends abuot this situation because they know i buy purses all the time. They would definately say go to Vegas. I actually want the purse so i can carry it in Vegas. Oh well, maybe i'll win $2000 and find it later on eBay. My heart is leaning towards going to Vegas.. hehe

    What would you guys do? Louis Vuitton orrr Las Vegas - Ok and which purse would you take to Vegas? I will definately take my damier sophie and im thinking about the neo cabby but i kinna think the cabby doesn't stand out enough. Hmmmm..... HELP :nuts:
  2. Vegas babe! :nuts: Since you hubby haven't been to Vegas before and you already own more than 1 Louis, besides you'll be having fun too!
  3. for me it's Vegas. There'll always be a good price for the purse you like on eBay, but it's hard to have time with your hubby in Las vegas.
  4. i would say vegas, even though its hard to pass up LV. but this trip sounds special! ask if u can put the difference of the trip and the bag towards the bag! Im sure it will come around again.
  5. hmm, that is a toughie! :smile: i guess the purse is $1k more, so i'd go for the purse. :biggrin: but then again if it were me i'd feel a teeny bit selfish in doing that, not only cuz it's more expensive, but the Vegas would be for the BOTH of you (you and DH), and the purse would just be for you. i know i feel guilty all the time about buying my LV bags, cuz DH never spends $$ on *anything* (and i make about the same $$ as he does). but then again, if its a rare, TDF bag that's up for sale on a good price, i'd be hard-pressed to say no to the bag!! :p

    and i'm actually going to Las Vegas next weekend...(from LA it's only 5-6 hours away, so we're driving there)...for purses, I'll probably bring my Pomme Houston :love:, since it's my newest bag and the color is so bright. i'll probably bring a cerises pochette too
  6. I vote for Vegas too:tup:
  7. Las Vegas baby!!!!

    Spending time with your hubby is worth more than any bag in the world... :love:
  8. Yeahhhh, i feel kind of selfish.. i really want both hahaha. So i'll put the bag on hold for now. Since i won't be purchasing it anytime soon, it was the Mirage Speedy in Noir :heart: i think it would be perfect for Vegas. The seller has it listed at $1995 plus shipping so it would basically cost the same new with tax. Im sure it will reappear again on eBay. I even passed this purse up when i saw it at the boutique in November. I don't know why i always do that, im LATE on everything. I always like something after the hype is over. But it's soo gorg!! Thanks guys!!! I love reading everyone's comments.
  9. vegas!
  10. To be honest, I had this option as well (a bag or Vegas)... I picked Chanel. :sweatdrop:
    My situation was a little different because I had only been home for 2 weeks so I wasn't in need of a vacay, but I just didn't want to regret it and I've been to Vegas often.
  11. Vegas!!
  12. Definitely go to Las Vegas. That way both of you will get some enjoyment. And you'll be telling your husband that you choose him over LV. Perhaps he'll be so touched that he'll get you that LV bag anyway:graucho:

    I hope you win a million bucks!:yahoo: have a great trip!!!!
  13. glad you decide on Vegas! Don't forget to treat yourself in one of the most well stock LV boutiques :yes:
  14. vegas! and because its the unselfish thing to do.. who knows maybe you'd get good karma in vegas and win some so you could get that mirage..
    hey, the irony, there's a mirage in las vegas!:nuts: (the volcano not the bag)
  15. I would choose Vegas. It seems like your husband would enjoy going to Vegas since he likes playing cards and it would be kind of selfish to choose Louis Vuitton (even though we all love LV, hehe) over a vacation for the both of you.

    Maybe you're husband will win some big bucks and will get you something from LV in Vegas!!! :nuts::yahoo: