LV..or laptop?

  1. I love the damier line of LV more than anything else, and I have *something* in my elux cart with my fingers hovering over the checkout button.

    In my line of work we need to use laptops a lot - presentations, conferences etc. A few days ago the laptop I was using died. It's not that I don't have a computer anymore because I have my desktop, but a laptop is a convenience.

    My head says buy the laptop, but my heart says buy the LV..kwim? I can't buy both at the same time because it'll take out a sizeable chunk of money form my savings.

    What should I do??
  2. If the laptop is 'essential' for your job then I say the laptop! I know if mine died I would buy it before the purse! JMHO
  3. I'd definitely get the laptop!
  4. ITA!! :yes:
  5. I second twiggers!
  6. I agree. :yes:

    Sounds like your laptop is more "needy", since it's for you line of work in all.

    So def go for the laptop first.

    You can always get the LV later.
  7. if u work and use the laptop to make money... def. get the laptop.
    it'll produce money to fund the LV :yes:
    and LV's will always be there, it's not like it's a LE that's hard to get... :p
  8. Both! The laptops with Vista have had massive discounts. I say get a cheapy, yet functional laptop AND the handbag.

  9. ITA
    Plus, when the time comes you do get the LV bag you want, and if you're like me, you'll end up appreciating the bag even more!
  10. :s

    I don't recommend you cheap out on a laptop, merika. There is a great deal of difference in the performance and longevity of cheap vs. pricier models even when they are made by the same manufacturer (esp. among PC manufacturers).
  11. get the laptop so you can make more money to buy LV...

    all good things to those who wait...
  12. laptop
  13. laptop its essential... then get the bag later
  14. The laptop is essential. The answer should be obvious.
  15. I should elaborate a bit more. I can function without a laptop..i.e. I do a lot of work at home, and all my programming jobs run on departmental computers with lots of memory..laptops can't usually handle the types of simulations I run.

    I also had a collegue buy a Toshiba for a good amount of money (> $1600), only to have it die on him a month or so after his purchase plan expired!

    I only need a laptop if I have to go for a conference, or do a presentation within the department. Not having a laptop hasn't affected my job performance in any way. It's just that it's more convenient.

    (I'm practically a Luddite. I don't own a TV, I don' own a cellphone..and right now I don't have a laptop either....)

    Now you see why the LV is more tempting....even to a Luddite!