LV or Jewelry?

  1. Ok, we've spent huge amounts of $$$ on our bags since we are obviously LV fans here:love:. If it came to a point where you had to make a choice between a stunning piece of jewelry, (be it a watch, something gold, or diamonds etc) and a TDF LV bag that you've been lusting over (considering its at the same price range), which would you choose? Just curious how addicted we are to LV and bags in general. :graucho:
  2. I have my one tiffanys necklace I wear that was an anniversery gift
    Its about the only jewelry I wear

    i would have to say the bag, since I dont have too much LV :biggrin:
  3. i'd go for the bag...i dont wear jewelry...i have a few pairs of earrings, and 2 tiffany bracelet&necklace sets that I love... but they RARELY see the outside of my jewelry box lol
  4. i would probably go for the bag, lol...then again, i'm not into diamonds! i would def. consider a watch, though...tough choice!
  5. LV= handbags to me, but they do make some cute jewelry pieces....
    but their bags will always come first to me.....
  6. id go for the bag. its bigger.
  7. lol. but both if you can
  8. I would love a charm from LV ... I've always marvelled at the designs :drool:
  9. that is kind of true^^^
    i love the white gold LV mono charm
    but its like $900 i think

  10. Tough isnt it? Im getting the trevi this month and Im also wanting this heart pendant with diamonds which costs as much as the trevi. But Im still leaning towards spending for the Trevi:nuts: Sheesh! DH just shakes his head in disbelief LOL
  11. well ... I love diamonds ... and the one pair of earrings I have my eye on can buy me tons of LV or at least 3 suhali le fab ... I'd probably go for the jewelry, I have enough bags for now ... yeah right!:rolleyes:
  12. LOL I think that way too. But then again, I always end up with an LV:roflmfao:
  13. I'd go for the bag...because I always forget to put on my jewlery, and I have a harder time taking care of jewlery.
  14. I'd go for the jewelry.
    I just love Cartier jewelry!
  15. This is a tough one as I am a diamond lover! I only have a few more pieces of diamond jewelry that I really want though...a line bracelet and a solitaire pendant in a diamonds by the yard style. So right now I want bags and jewelry! After I complete my jewelry collection I think I'll turn more to bags though. :happydance: