LV or hermes?

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lv denim sac plat or hermes herbag

  1. lv denim sac plat

  2. hermes herbag

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  1. i'm eyeing on 2 bags.. lv denim sac plat and hermes herbag.

    if money is not the problem, which one should i choose ?

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  2. I like the LV better, the other hermes bag is very plain
  3. I like the Hermes, but then again, I'm going through a yellow bag phase. The denim sac plat would be more practical.
  4. Yeah. I like Hermes but that isn't the best looking one I've seen. I like the Denim one, even though that isn't my favorite LV style. Lol.
  5. I'd get Hermes. In this particular case you are getting two bags for the price of one!:graucho:
  6. I think you'd get more use out of the LV.....
  7. FYI, i'm not sure i would get this exact same herbag, still considering the colour... might go for the combo of black and yellow leather?
    anyone can give me more info on combos available on this herbag?

    and LV_addict, i'm so with you with the two for one price thing :P
  8. You can do a search in the H sub forum. There were a few threads with herbag info. Never been a fan of flat denim shopper. It looks OK when empty but as soon as you put things in it, it just doesn't look right. If you are going to go for the sac plat, get the epi or damier one. At least those hold their shape.
  9. definitely Hermes. It is not trendy and the craftsmanship is superb!
  10. Hermes!!
  11. I chose the LV, im not a fan of hermes at all! But its totally up to you, goodluck on deciding!
  12. I would choose the LV out of the two choices.

    Good luck!
  13. i've been eyeing on denim sac plat since a long time, but not sure because it's denim, and i agreed as what LV_addict said that the shape is ruined when it's filled with things... but i liked it more than the neo speedy.

    i've never really think of ever buying a hermes before until 2 days ago i spotted a herbag that i think i love. the canvas bottom make it more casual and not giving a "rich" symbol.

    aahhh so confused....
  14. Hermes!!
  15. Hermes