lv or gucci?


Jan 5, 2006
Guys I need your help in deciding which bag I should get next. I already ordered my Spy in cognac but now I am wondering should I get the LV MC Speedy or the Gucci Horsebit Hobo large in black. I can only get one for now but please anyone .........HELPPPPP!!
Between the two, I would go for the Gucci'll be able to wear it w/ just about everything...this was a hard decision though since I'm both a Gucci and LV fan but practically speaking, go for the Gucci.
Girrlll! are going to love, love your cognac Spy, :love: I recently purchased one and it's simply beautiful! I happen to have both bags that you're inquiring about, while the Gucci horsebit is gorgeous go for the LV MC it is simply, with a capital D...Divine... a must for your collection.
Pursemama... thank you for your input. I think I am going to go to Saks tomorrow and decide then. If I decide gucci I will just purchase it there since Saks has such a great return policy if I later change my mind. If I decide LV I will order it online since it will be tax free along with free shipping.

Pursemama do you have your collection on the forum? I will love to take a look at it.
I think they are both such different bags....I think the Gucci, though because you can always get the LV later on (unless the horsebit hobo is permanent in the Gucci collection).