LV or Gucci??

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  1. I know this is an LV forum, but I thought I would just ask for your guys opinions. I have been eyeing the Gucci large Chain horsebit hobo bag in tan leather. So I'm gonna get a new bag next week and my choices are between a Saleya Azur MM or the Gucci. I only have LV bags, so this would be a first time branching out..should I, or will I regret it and should I just stick to the LV Saleya?? Thanks for your help.
  2. The only thing I have against Gucci ( and I own 3 of them) if that they do not hold their price. I live near 2 Gucci outlets and you can find them at the end of the season for 40-50% off
  3. Definitely LV! (sorry, not a fan of Gucci, I do like Balenciaga though if you are looking for something different)
  4. I would pick the LV. My reasoning though is a little different. I used to buy Gucci all the time, 25 years ago, and I still have the classic gucci doctor bag in Navy and in brown with the stripe and they still look gorgeous. The problem I have with Gucci now is that the quality doesn't seem to be the same as they used to. Ever since they had all their difficulty with tax evasion and criminal stuff, and the brothers were fighting, it just seems like things have changed. I bought a Gucci about three years ago, and it's faded now, stitching is wearing, it's just not anywhere near the same quality as LV. My LVs that are the same age are still gorgeous; I don't wear the Gucci because it looks worn, despite not wearing it nearly as much. I do like Gucci boots (the riding ones), but I just don't buy their bags anymore. I do like the style of the one you're looking at though.

    I do agree with the previous poster about them not holding their value. I wouldn't purchase a Gucci unless I got it from the outlet or second-hand because it would break my heart to hear it went down $400-$500 more the next season.

    An LV saleya, if you decided you didn't like it a year later, you could probably sell it for only a $100 or $200 less than what you paid. Holds it's value much more.
  5. YES... that's true...:tdown: but LV is NEVER on sale..:tup:
  6. I'm boring with the LV at the moment and also Gucci. But I do like the look of the new Joy tote.

    It's true LV never be on sale but I don't care if Gucci will be on sale after I got the bag 5-6 months before.

    Saleya (in Azur only) is a nice bag though.

    Now I'm into MJ, Balenciaga and sure I never feel boring with Chanel.
  7. mm...i would normally say LV...but the two bags you mentioned Saleya and Horsebit in tan are two different bags...i would put your money into REAL leather and not my vote goes for the Gucci. I love Gucci leather bags, i have the med tan horsebit and it's wonderful! great investment!
  8. LV LV LV LV LV! not a Gucci fan....
  9. Not a fan of Gucci at all, get the Saleya!
  10. i think the bag you should get is the one that you keep thinking about the

    most and struck you when seeing it.. i dont know what collection of bags you

    have.. so just picture one of ur choices next to yours.
  11. I own 4 leather Gucci bags and never use them even though they cost more than my LV...I love my LV much more...
  12. I stopped buying Gucci many years ago for the same above reasons.

    BUT in your case, by just comparing the two bags in terms of design and look only, I have to say Gucci wins. The hobo looks more stylish than the Saleya in my opinion :tup:. However, if you also buy bags as an investment, LV wins. LV retains much higher value when you resell than Gucci.

    But you know what, I don't always think about the resell value if I really like the design of the bag. I just bought a Dolce & Gabbana Animalier handbag that I know might not hold its resell value, but I just absolutely love the design.

    I also do not rule out Gucci either, I just don't find anything that I like much nowadays, plus LV has been coming up with surprising new designs every season :yes:.
  13. Azur MM. Handsdown.
  14. Comparing the two, go for Gucci!
  15. LV baby