LV or Gucci---HELP!!!

  1. So...

    Recently I have been making major efforts to diversify my bag collection and include things other than LV...

    Well among my purchases I bought a Prada (which I returned), my bf got me a Versace (which I love) and a Gucci Mink Tassel Indy (which i'm thinking about returning!)

    Anyways this bag is so unique, its got the light gold hardware (unlike the picture), and the leather looks purple-ish but really metallic and shimmery, and I just love the mink tassels on the the story with this bag...
    I drove down to Oregan to buy it, and got a great deal on it 10% off (opened a Saks CC) and no tax (Oregan), anyways when I brought it home I had second thoughts because my BF said that the bag would scratch and I would get upset blah blah blah,
    so then I send it back to Saks by mail, then changed my mind and got them to send it back to me (but they sent it to my mail box and the ppl who work there cannot sign for me, so it got sent back to Saks AGAIN!), i called Saks and asked them to send it back to me AGAIN...anyways i've been thinking if I was meant to NOT have this bag or if there could another bag that I could get...

    I realized that if I returned the Indy (AND HOLD OFF ON THE FENDI SPY that I was going to get) then I could get my dream bag THE LIMITED EDITION LV BIKER BAG!!!:yahoo:

    What do you guys think? LV or Gucci?
    gucci mink tassel handbag.jpg louis-vuitton-alligator-marron-motard-biker-bag.jpg
  2. i would of course choose the LE LV !! : )
  3. you posted in the LV Forum, you're going to get LV answers!:yes::lol:
    Between the 2, I'd choose LV.
  4. LV of course!!!!
  5. The Biker bag is awesome--get that!!!
  6. LV over Gucci 100% of the time :tup:

    Gucci is made in Italy and goes on sale, LV doesn't...
  7. Yeah I'd go with the LV. I also think the corners on the Gucci would get beat up after awhile and not look so nice.
  8. in terms of what you chose, i'd pick the LV!
  9. Lv! Lv! Lv!!
  10. LV for sure!
  11. I agree! I think thats why my whole diversifying did not work so well! LOL! Because I hate how you can pay full price one day and then 3 months later see someone get it for half of what you paid!!!
  12. Lol

  13. Most definitely LV. You will always be assured of the bag not going on sale at all! Bag diversification is good except when your heart is really into LV --- you might as well diversify within LV since there are lots of lines to choose from. LOL
  14. ^^^exactly what I was going to say!
  15. Defintely go for the LV!!! I like it a lot better than the Gucci.