LV or Fendi?


i want...!
Jan 19, 2006
I've been eyeing the Cabas Piano but can't justify spending $800+ on it so I've been searching Ebay.. now if only I could win an auction!
Anyways, this Fendi tote is no comparison right? It's $510 on Bluefly
and if I get a used one from Ebay.. that's around the price range I want to spend. I'd like to hear yalls thoughts on this.. Cabas Piano or this? Thanks!
There's no photo or link{?}

LV is my choice though, especially if you want something completely timeless and w/ good resell value.
I see Fendi everywhere on sale.
The LV. Even if you pay a little more, it'll last you longer and once you decide to sell it in the future, you can get a decent amount back to assist you in funding the future bag you want! I had a Gucci monogram tote in really good condition, used very few times but could only get $150 out of it although I paid over $550 retail. But all my LVs got a decent back in comparison (the fact that each year there's price increase can only help) Also, the Fendi is untreated fabric whereas the LV is.
I should have known better posting a Fendi in the LV section heehehe!!! :suspiciou
Yea.. I was having reservations abt the Fendi anyways.. it does seem a tad bit busy...