LV or CL's?

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  1. Hi guys! I am just wondering about all the ladies on here. I know we all have no problem spending $$ on a beautiful bag, but would you spend that much on a pair of shoes? I am looking at some Christian Louboutin shoes.. but sometimes catch myself and feel guilty spending that money on something that goes on my feet.
    I LOVE SHOES... but are shoes that are $600+ a little much?

    Would you spend the same about on a bag as you would for a pair of shoes?
  2. Good question. I think the same thing. Would love to know opinions on this also!
  3. No. I would get the Loubs.
  4. nope, i dont really splurge as much on shoes as i do on bags. mainly b/c i have flat feet as well as being hella clumsy so im pretty rough on shoes LOL!
  5. Really?! Can I ask for what reason M56714?
  6. Thanks for your input LVjudy!
  7. I am like LVjudy. I don't spend near as much on shoes as I do on bags. Don't get me wrong CL are beautiful. However I am a stay at home mom and rarely go out. I pass on the CL and go for the LV.
  8. I don't spend as much on my shoes as my bags.

    I do wear high heels everyday and I would need to find the perfect pair of CLs that could withstand a 10 hour day like my BCBGs! I don't think that is going to happen...
  9. Yes I spend a lot on shoes. I have to love them though. The most I've spent on a pair of shoes has been a little over $2K (they were Louboutins)
  10. first i would go for CL for sure
    becuz they make the best shoes!!

    and as for money...
    if u do have that extra money to spend
    shoes are for sure very important in life!
    i love shoes!!
    haha but i would get a nice bag first and if i still have money then a nice pair of shoes...
    a good pair of shoes can take you to good places!
    haah thats my moto!
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    Last edited: Feb 13, 2010
    If you're contemplating on getting a pair of CL's, you should look for them on sale. I've seen a few pairs recently that were discounted to around the $300 range. I've been wanting a pair as well but i won't be going crazy and buying multiple pairs (i'd start to feel guilty then). I think one or two pairs would be enough to suffice my appetite.
  12. Hellokitty, I feel the same way. I have also been looking at ebay for a slightly used pair. I recently ordered a pair from Saks, and I received them and I didn't see what was so amazing about them. Yes, they are beautiful.. but I don't know if they are $800 beautiful.
  13. CL's if already have a good rotation of bags.

    I find it hard to spend that much on a pair of shoes too, especially since they get scuffed up so easily. But when they're on my feet, I feel hot! :smile:
  14. I love shoes as much as I love bags, but seeing as the CLs will eventually end up on sale (LV will not), I'd get the bag and get the CLs when they go on sale.
  15. I wouldn't. I think it's because I get more use out of purses and I have small and wide feet so it's hard for me to find shoes that are comfortable