lv or chanel?

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  1. hey guys
    ill be joining college soon! so i've already bought a neverfull mm in monogram as my college bag. but now im tempted to buy the speedy 35 in monogram as well ☺️ i just want to know whether it fits 13 inch macbook? do you think it would work as a college bag?
    if it doesnt then im also leaning towards the chanel trifold flap wallet in caviar leather.
    what do you guys think is more practical speedy35 or the wallet for a college student?
    thankyou ❤️
  2. Hello,
    I have a macbook 11 inch and it would definitely not fit into my speedy 30, I know this is not the question you asked but the 35 is not much bigger, if I had to guess I would say that a 13 inch would not fit into a speedy 35, hope this helps with your decision making~
  3. It won't fit - I have an Epi speedy 30 which is larger than the canvas version (closer to 32cm). It's not even close.
  4. If you have the NF, I like the wallet.

    The speedy 35 won't fit a MacBook. Maybe the 40?

    If the 40 doesn't work, get the wallet. A bag and wallet combo would be perfect for college.
  5. True! I think if you already have the Neverfull then it's more practical to have a wallet that comes with it but why not just an LV SLG to match your Neverfull? Me personally, I own the speedy first but later thought that Neverfull would be much more of use because on travel or as a diaper bag you can use it too. So for me, it's still a must (but GM in that case). I'm not a fan of luxury wallets just bags. I can just have a gorg Juicy Couture wallet and Im good to go. For me, it just stays inside the bag most of the time anyway. But if you want a handheld bag for variation, you can never go wrong with the classic speedy or alma :smile:
  6. There's no way your laptop is going to fit into a Speedy 35 and it would be quite tight in a 40; the Speedys just weren't designed for that type of use, instead they have their origins in being used as luggage/duffel bags, so a wallet would be a better bet.
    To be honest, one senior university student to a freshman, the first year is often a bit of a rough one and you may benefit from holding off on another luxury purchase until you settled in and have a clear understanding of your financial allocations/position. The Chanel would be an awesome way to reward yourself after your second semester finals though...
  7. Congratulations on starting your academic career. I am true believer in the virtues of higher education!

    However, the speedy won't meet your needs to carry a laptop. Additionally, the NF is not ideal for college, particularely if you attend a big campus that requires lots of walking. I see some of my students with designer bags at the beginning of the semester, then they quickly switch to a backpack so they can carry the huge amount of crap they need on a daily basis. Just my two cents!
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