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  1. hey everyone...

    im debating between buying either LV MANHATTAN GM or CHANEL GRAND SHOPPING TOTE.

    im a CHANEL girl myself so im naturally biased and am currently leaning twd the CHANEL :p...however, i do like the LV Manhattan bc it reminds me of the Marc Jacob Venetia, except it has the i DO NOT like the monogram but I REALLY like the look of the Manhattan...hahaha....

    can you guys help me out?!? which one would you rather buy? :shrugs:

    i posted the 2 purse pics below! the CHANEL is pictures on the arms of Pamela Anderson, and the color is the same as the one i want to purchase..basically, im looking for a bag in the brown/beige color family.

    THANKS IN ADVANCE!! :yes::yes:

    happy holidays!!
    pammytired4.jpg p10826068_ph_hero.jpg
  2. that`s a hard decision,but I think I would go for the chanel, because I`m a chanel girl,too.:smile:

  3. Chanel!!!

    And that is the best picture I have ever seen of Pamela Anderson.
  4. I vote for the LV Manhattan - beautiful bag.
  5. LV Manhattan
  6. To me Chanel always wins over LV even though I adore LV because Chanel is a forever classic-I mean,look how classy Pam looks with it? And that is not her usual look,you know?
  7. I voted for the Chanel GST. I own a Marc Jacobs Venetia, but I feel kind of ambivalent about the version he did for LV in monogram canvas, even though I do like (and own) other LV mono bags.
  8. I would usually go for the LV, but in this case.. the Chanel is gorgeaus!! So I voted for the Chanel, goodluck with deciding!
  9. I love both, but in this case i love the Chanel!
  10. C H A N E L !!!

  11. LOL...yes, i know, thats NOT her usual look...haha...very good point!!
  12. I'd pick Chanel over LV almost anytime, in addition, I prefer a shoulder bag and I dont think I could wear that LV on my shoulder so. . . .
  13. Although the LV Manhattan is not a style that you will see people using it everywhere (like speedy), I still prefer Chanel. :rolleyes:
  14. Louis vuitton manhattan.
  15. Definitely Chanel...I have the petite shopper and love it!!! It's a great classic bag.