LV or Chanel?

  1. i'm thinking about whether i should get the Suhali Le Fabuleux or the Chanel med/large classic flap... what do u guys reckon?
  2. Love LV, but the Chanel will be a classic. So gotta throw my vote to Chanel.
  3. same! for the money, the chanel flaps are a great investment!
  4. I love LV but i definitely prefer the classic flap to the Le Fab
  5. another vote for chanel flap. suhali resell value will drop much more than chanel classic.
  6. I don't like Chanel at all, so I would get the LV. But that's just me.

    Ultimately you will pick the one you like the most, right?
  7. I vote for the Le Fab, not too fond of the med./lg flap ... I prefer the small or better yet the GST.
  8. I'm a fan of both Chanel and LV, but i def. say the Chanel. You can always buy the LV later.
  9. My vote goes towards Chanel. Prices always go up quite a lot so better now than later.
  10. flap!!!!
  11. Le Fab vote here!!!! The bag is just divine and Suhali leather is just... breathtaking.
  12. I like both but....I like the flap just a bit better.
  13. Chanel!!!
  14. Chanel... get it fast cos the price increase is just insane!!! ( And with the price of med flap (compared to Le Fab), you'll still be able to get "little something" LV!!)
  15. C H A N E L