LV or Chanel?

  1. Hey guys. I can't decide whether to get a black chanel wallet with the white CC's or a LV multicolore wallet. Help a girl decide!! :nuts:
  2. The Cambon line?
  3. you're in the LV forum so most likely will be getting more of LV answers. 1 vote for the MC!
  4. And for what bag would the wallet be used for?
  5. chanel =)
  6. another one for the chanel cambon :tup:
  7. LV, the Chanel one it's cute but the leather is fragile, the LV canvas will last longer:yes:
  8. Multicolore gets my vote!!
  9. Sweetie, you're asking this question in the LV forum. :rolleyes:

    :party: GET THE MULTICOLORE! :party:
  10. Normally I would go for a chanel wallet, only I don't like the cambon line, so I would def. chose the MC (if you mean the white version that is, if you mean the black, than I would even like the cambon better).
    Good luck deciding!
  11. I think you're asking the wrong forum ;). Multicolore all the way!!!
  12. even though this is in a lv forum, i think chanel is prettier than lv (please dont hit me!!)
  13. I pick the LV simply because I think it is more durable.

  14. SOOO true, LOL!!!
    LV any day over Chanel.....:tup:
  15. Looks wise i would go for the chanel, but for durability i would ge the LV.