LV or CHANEL Wallet?

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  1. I m going to Chanel boutique on Friday,It will be my first expensive wallet,i just cant decide what to buy?(i dont like Emily,sarah,Josephine).Thank you:smile:
  2. How about the emp Zippy i dont think any other brand can top my opinion LV makes the best wallets
  3. Do you own chanel wallet?
  4. #4 Apr 2, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2014
    no..only because i prefer LV wallets instead so many more diff print/color options and such a better quality overall
  5. LV allllll the way!!👍
  6. Agreed! I love my wallet. I have always really liked the Zippy, though!
  7. When it comes to bags it's Chanel all the way, but with wallets, you can't beat LV!
  8. When it comes to wallets, LV are the best! No contest!
  9. Emp. zippy wallet! I just got one in Citrine and I love it! I dislike the look of Chanel so I would go with any LV wallet! You can't go wrong with LV!
  10. Thank you girls:smile:is anybody own ZCW?
  11. I do and I love it! It took me awhile to decide. Zippy compact fit my wants the best. Opens flat, but is secure with a zipper. Not too big and not too small. I wanted something that zipped around but not accordion style. I got it in mono and I am so happy with my choice.
  12. I have ZCW in epi and I don't love it. I think it is because the bills go in such a deep pocket. I do love my full size Zippys and rotate them seasonally. LV wallets can stand up to "use/abuse". My Chanel wallet looks shamefully worn....perhaps it was too delicate.
  13. LV Wallet for sure!!! I love all of mine :smile:
  14. I don't like accordion style either.I can't wait to see Curieuse wallet too!
  15. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1397410893.519768.jpg

    My favorite duo of all time is my GST XL and my Zippy Organizer.