LV or Chanel Next?

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  1. I am debating if I should save up for a black or red Chanel Boy Bag/Classic Flap Bag (small or old medium) or for a leather LV purse. The Chanel bags are a pretty penny so it will take me 10 months to a year to save up for it. The LV bags I am considering are St. Germain in Platine (PM or MM), Twice in Noir Empreinte, Speedy B in Cherry Empreinte, or Lockme II BB in Noir. The LV options are lower prices than the Chanel options.

    I'm basically looking for a nice black/red bag. The Twice and Speedy B are more for everyday use while the St. Germaine and Chanel bags are for a more refined look. Unfortunately, Platine is seasonal and the Speedy B in Empreinte is being discontinued. So I feel a rush to buy it while I still can. It will also take me less time to save up for these. What would you suggest? If you own both, do you have any pros or cons where it may make one better than the other? Thanks in advance!

    My current purse collection is as follows:
    Sully MM
    Totally MM in DE
    Neverfull MM in DA
    Favorite MM in Monogram
    Eva in DE
    Noe BB in DA
    Alma BB in Epi Turquoise
    Boy WOC in Fuschia Lambskin
  2. Chanel. It looks like you have plenty LV in your collection.

    My vote is for a classic Chanel (Boy or Classic Flap) in black lambskin with gold hardware. Quintessential Chanel[emoji4]
  3. You've got a great LV collection, a classic flap would be an amazing addition to your already amazing collection of bags [emoji5]

  4. Thank you for your input! That's 2 votes for a Chanel.
  5. Chanel classic M/L size red or black, lambskin or caviar. [emoji106]🏼[emoji4]
  6. Thanks! Ok. So it sounds like Chanel is the way to go for my next bag.
  7. I have a red Chanel boy lambskin and a black medium classic flap in caviar ghw.
    So I think you should save up for a Chanel if you already have a good LV collection. Also depends on if you'd use it as well. I love my Chanels!

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  8. Chanel, the classic flap is gorgeous. You have plenty of LV in your collection.
  9. The red on your chanel is beautiful! Is there a particular name for this shade of red?
  10. It just said red on the tag. I think you should get a Chanel because it's harder to find the color/combination that you want. I don't see many red Chanels and I had to call around to even find this one, especially in lambskin and ghw which is what I wanted. Exciting! Let us know!
  11. If u have some LV bags already, time for something different this time, I would say go for the Chanel
  12. Go for a classic chanel flap bag since you already have a lot of LV. Its pretty pricey after the price increase but i think its worth it
  13. If you EVER plan on getting a Chanel (classic flap or boy) then get one as soon as you can.

    The price increase on Chanel bags are astronomical! If you don't get one soon, you will be paying twice later on.

    Just a thought!

    Good luck!!
  14. Go for the Chanel. Its nice to have some diversity. I have mainly all LV but I love my Chanel bag and I am happy I went for it.
  15. I'm currently eyeing Chanel so I'd go with that.
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