LV or Burberry

  1. Just like someone said on my earlier post the more I look at bags on this site the more I want everything :p

    So I finally found out the name of the Burberry I fell in love with yesterday and its on sale at Burberry right now believe it or not! So now I'm torn if I ought to get this bag instead of the LV's I was considering so I thought I'd ask for some advice. I am new to both these brands so which do you think is a better bang for the buck I guess you could say? Which is more classic that I can take it with me from my twenties into my thirties and forties. When I get a bag and love it I usually use it for a long time so which will last longer too.

    Here is the Burberry. Its on slae right now for $599


    And these are the 2 LV's I was debating between



    Speedy 25


    I like the Berkley better then the Speedy honestly as I am a fan of little details and I know my mom is a fan of a bag that holds it own shape which is why we even looked at the Berkley but at that price too I don't know if I want to ask for something that expensive when its a gift and I could get another bag I like for much less you know :shrugs:

    So which would be your choice? (and by the looks of how this forum has taken over my entire Internet browsing time in a little while I will find another bag I love to confuse me even more :shame:smile:

    Thanks for the help!
  2. I am a Burberry as well as a LV fan so I would want to have both bags ... that means if I can afford only one of them I would first go for the bag that is on sale (LVs of course never are).
    If it's on sale it may be gone all of a sudden and you can't be sure whether the bag will be continued or not.
    That is why I just bought a Burberry tote on eBay (discontinued bag - at least in that colour!) and am saving on a LV Manhattan pm (not discontinued, never on sale!).
    Regina :yes:
  3. I agree with you about the bag being on sale and thus it might be discontinued. I have never seen the Burberry in person so I don't know but my one worry about it is the quilted fabric material that is most of the bag. I worry that it won't hold up as long as leather will I guess and I wonder if its as classic as the LVs are and will be something I can use all my life or at least a lot of it. Also is it appropriate for every occasion? I am not sure. Any thoughts?
  4. If you want a bag that will never go out of style... go for the LV
    I love burberry but its not as timeless as LV.

    if your Mom is willing to get you the berkeley...
    go for it! it has the detail and stucture you like.

    and ofcourse you can not go wrong with the classic Speedy!
  5. I love the Burberry bag. Can the strap also be worn on the shoulder? You can always get one of those LV's, so I would go with the Burberry bag.
  6. is the burberry leather? If so go for it. If not I like the Berkley.
  7. I vote for the LV, I've never really been "wow'd" by anything Burberry
  8. I believe that the straps and trim are all leather but the body of the bag is quilted nylon.
  9. LV! :tup: The Berkely!
  10. I would say burberry because it will be harder to get down the road. You can always get the LV later.
  11. Burb because it's probably going to be discontinued like some said. Plus it's on sale. That's a plus.
  12. I would say the LV because you said you want a timeless bag that will go into your 20's, 30's etc. I think its more of a classic style. I like the speedy.
  13. i like all of them! i really like that burberry bag...AND it's on sale. That would be the one I would get
  14. Burberry - everyone has an LV.
  15. i am head over heals for the berkley, but the burberry is a great price. either way theyre all beautiful! nice choices