LV or ALexander Wang?

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  1. Hi ... I need some advice.

    I already own a DE Speedy B. I wanted another bag but I can't decide between LV neverful MM or ALexander Wang Rockie... The Rockie colors are so georgous... but the bag is heavy.

    I want something as an everyday bag.

  2. The rocky as an everyday bag would be far less practical. It is gorgeous though. Try it on and see if you would like carrying a style like that. Maybe it would be practical for you!
  3. I have an Alexander Wang Rocco bag & boy that bag is heavy I also have a mono Speedy B & DE Speedy B & these bags are so light to carry so it depends if you don't mind carrying a heavy bag ;)
  4. I have the Rocco and LOVE it and do not find it that heavy at all. Not much more than my speedy 30 loaded up. I have not seen the rockie which is smaller than the rocco so it should be lighter...Can a rockie fit everything as an every day bag? Neverfull and rockie are two totally different bags. i do not use anything without a zipper as an every day bag ..
  5. I have heard of few people getting bothered by how heavy AW bags are. Personally I dont have not having a zipper but I do want shoulder bag and something I can carry everywhere.

    AW is so stylish yet doesnt scream "look at my designer bag"... u know what i mean...