LV opinion

  1. so i just made my first LV purchase. Im so happy BUT i had a difficult time deciding between the speedy 30 and the Papillon 30. i went for the papillon thinking i could easily throw it over my shoulder, not so easy. Dont get me wrong i love my new purse, but, so this is where i need ur help, should i have gotten the speedy instead?...
    which one do u guys think is better?
  2. I think if it's ur first LV purchase, the Speedy is the way to go. I don't have one yet but contemplating it. I have a damier Pap 26 and love it but it wasn't my 1st purchase. Go w/ ur gut instinct and make sure you're 110% satifisfied w/ ur purchase! Keep us updated!
  3. You def can't throw the Speedy over yr shoulder if that 's the basis of yr comparison..
    Either one is a good choice.. it prob won't be yr last!!! :smile:
  4. My first and only LV purchase so far was a papillion 30 and im 10000000% happy with my choice, I like it cause I can get it on my shoulder as well as carry it in my hand. Like you, I was swithering between the speedy and papillion, but chose the papillion cause I think its a wee bit different. If your having second thoughts maybe you should have chosen the speedy. I hope get on ok with making your descision. :smile:
  5. lol i know im already hooked. It all started with Dooney and Bourke, then moved on to coach and now LV my next purchase will be chanel...IM HOOKED! but anyway i actually went with the Pap, the speedy will def be a future purchase though thanx for ur input.
  6. I'm Love The Papillon. But, They So Beautiful. If You Are Not Comfortable With The Papillon (Maybe Not What You Expected)...Definitely Go Get That Speedy!
  7. congrats on your new and first LV! the papillon is my favorite shape of all the LV's!
  8. My papillon 30 was my 1st LV purchase too and I love it! Which one did you get the pap in: mono or damier? I love the unique shape of the barrel even though I was contemplating on the speedy as well. Just think of it as this: sooner or later you'll own BOTH the papillon and the speedy! :lol: You can always get that speedy 30 later.
  9. I, too, think a girl needs one of each. How are you carrying the papillon? If you do a search, other threads have information and pictures on how to carry it so that it's almost piggyback style, with the bag on your back, where you don't squash the top of it. ELux says it's designed to be carried on the shoulder or on the arm.

    Which speedy were you thinking of, mono or epi?
  10. You can get the speedy for your next LV purchase. Enjoy your new bag! :biggrin:
  11. Papillon was a GREAT choice! It's one of my favorite bags!!!:love: Enjoy it!
  12. i actually bought the mono. i do love it though. i carry it by hand or over my shoulder so that it sits on my back, i just think it looks bad when its all squished. i cant wait till i get a speedy though, which will also be a mono. thanx for all ur input keep as much of it as ud like coming :biggrin: :biggrin:
  13. Speedy would've been a better choice but the Papillon has a cute little pouch which is a plus!
  14. You can exchange it if your 14 days haven't come up yet. I'm looking into getting the Papillon next (I have 2 Speedys - 35 and 40) or the Alma.
  15. hmm i really like it though...i guess ill just have to buy the speedy as i dont mind, one can never have enough LV...much less purses :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: