LV opening in Norway

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  1. Today the new LV store in Oslo had its pre-opening, will be open for public on the 25th, a small video can be found here: Louis Vuitton for nordmenn flest? -

    And some photos of the event are here: Side 2

    Look at all those LV goodies :yahoo:
  2. Lucky you!! I´ll bet you´ll shop there all the time now! Loved the pictures:flowers:
  3. Nah.. Lucky me I live waaaaaay up north, which means the LV store is a two hour flight away :crybaby:
  4. Bummer:Push: Well, I have a bit more to go, say..48 hours on a boat to Sweden:lol:
  5. OMG!! Finally they open here in Oslo :smile:
  6. That sucks that it is two hours away.
  7. That' great, I'll definitely have a look when I go home next year:yahoo:Fortunate they have LV here in Perth:smile: Thanks for posting this, Baggiegirl, shame you're up north, but perhaps you can order from the shop?
  8. I probably can order by phone, I've done that from the Mulberry store in Oslo. But I'm going to Spain in January, so I'll get my LV fix then :yahoo:
  9. Thats great news!
  10. About time! I will go straight from the airport to LV when I get home for christmas - I've waited for this for several years! And the pictures look good too although I kinda like the copenhagen store too.
  11. Maggie girl...great pictures...Looks like so much fun! Thanks for posting the link.
  12. I waaaant one in my country!!!! I fave 6 hours to vienna store, grrrr
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