LV online or ELux?

  1. Where do most of you buy your LV bags? Is there an advantage to going into the store as opposed to eLuxury? I live in Phoenix, so there is a Louis store in a mall that isn't too far, but my son is the WORST shopper. Do they ever have any deals going on??
  2. i was thinking of trying the company website for my next purchase.
  3. Well, I have not held most LV bags in my hand, so I like to go to the store to get a better idea of what I want. But it's not big deal if you do it online, you can return, right?

    I like going to the store though, the sales people are so nice there and are so helpful!
  4. I like going to the store because you actually get put into LVs system. I was told by CS that purchases from are not put into the store's database. :sad:
  5. Since I have 5 LV's within 5 miles of where I live. I always go into the store. But if I lived outside of California I think would go into the store and look at the bags then I would buy them on Elux to save on sales tax.
  6. Elux, I save on the sales tax. I only have 1 LV store 40 miles away.
  7. You can save on tax with eLuxury, but you do miss getting the experience of seeing things in person first. I guess it depends how certain you are about a given item without having to handle it before buying.

    I have no LV anywhere near me, so almost all of my purchases have been from a distance, with the exception of once while travelling.
  8. I've shopped in store which is great cause you get to try whatever youre looking for on. Elux is great if you know what you want and this way you save on sales tax. Ordering from LV online was nice because of the packaging and I got a free gift:p but that was a one shot deal. Others had a few bad experiences on Elux (receiving used stuff) but I never had a problem. All in all I guess it's best to see what you're purchasing in person.
    I don't know...It's all
  9. I have 2 LV stores that are less than 5 minutes away.
    That is why I buy in store otherwise I wouldn't have
    since I'm someone who looks for convinience.
    I, too, have 2 toddlers who are not fond of shopping:smile:

    Good luck
  10. I shop at the LV stores first to try out the bags. If the item is not available at, then I purchase from the store. If the item is available at, then I purchase through a shopping website for an airline to get the frequent flyer miles which is linked to An airline had a promotion that ended Dec. 31st where I got $6 miles per dollar spent at I also save on sales taxes via You can return merchandise at, but I haven't needed to do this.
  11. i prefer to go to store for purchase as i can see what fits me better..:tup:.
  12. When you shop at eLuxury do you still get the box and the dust bag the same as you would shopping in the store? When I shop at eLux do I need to worry about the quality at all?
  13. I never buy something online before I have seen the bag IRL. I was disapponted very often of my "dream bag" when I have seen it at the store. I like to go shopping at the store, where I can try out the bags.
  14. I only buy at the LV stores. I'm picky, so I like to look at several of the same item before purchasing. You wouldn't have that option if you ordered from e-luxury. There are never any deals - LV never goes on sale. But, if you order from e-luxury, they do not charge sales tax as long as you don't live in CA or TN. And sometimes, eluxury offeres free shipping.
  15. Yes, when you purchase from eLuxury you do get the dustbag and box with a bag purchase.