LV onatah in leather?

  1. I hear that LV will be making the onatah in leather. Is this true?
  2. YES!!!:yahoo:
  3. WOW, that will be stunning! Oh yea now I know what I will be asking my parents for when Christmas comes around. Do you know when it will be out.:biggrin::love::yahoo:
    BTW- Envyme is that you in your avatar? If so you are definitely gorgeous.:biggrin:
  4. No, its Naomi Campbell:smile:.
  5. leather is better than suede..that's an improvement !
  6. although i'm srure it will be nice, i'm have a hard time picturing it.
    hopefully it won't cost $3K
  7. I am so happy.
  8. Yippie, no more terror stories about stains !
  9. I agree :biggrin:
  10. Really?! Those are so cute. Would this be for fall, then?
  11. Does anyone have foto of the new line. So annoyed that I brought the Suede version... if only i knew
  12. OMG I'm so happy
  13. I saw it in the 'look' book and the onatah pochette looks SOOO nice in purple leather:love:
  14. purple leather? hmmm.. i wonder if that'll look good..

  15. come on... tell us more.
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