LV on the floor :(

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  1. I never put my bags on the floor but when we flew to Atlanta for Christmas the flight attendant looked at my NF MM and said "Your bag is considered to be a carryon and has to go in the overhead." Right away I said, Oh, I'll just put it under my seat (protected by my leather jacket, of course). DH said --There is no "under your seat". The business class section had all these metal bars under the seats with no room for anything!!!

    Unfortunately I had to stow my NF in the dirty overhead compartment along with my jacket! I felt so lost without my bag but at least I could keep my eye on the compartment though....
  2. I take well enough care of my bags, but don't feel the need to completely baby them. I've set them on the floor of my friends' houses and have no problem putting them under the seat on a plane (given that the area is clear of food, gunk, or drink spillage). My bags are pristine and I have not contracted any germs or diseases from them :lol: I think it's a bit arrogant to expect everybody to treat your LV like a king...especially at a party. Maybe the host/hostess was the one who moved it to make room on the table/chair/etc? If it's such a big deal, don't let go of your purse and keep an eye on it at all times! :tup:
  3. Well get a load of this. I was at the Burbank airport yesterday evening and someone had checked their keepall and it was going around and around on the luggage carousel and NO ONE was claiming it! I would be so scared to not be RIGHT THERE to claim it as soon as it came out!! I was tempted to stay and see who claimed it finally but was so anxious to get home I abandoned that plan...
  4. IKR!!! I had to put my speedy under the next passengers seat! I had to cover it with my sweater and wrap the handles with my extra handkerchief! It was really freezing and I had nothing to cover me. Well, my speedy is like a gem, its valuable to me.
  5. Bag hooks are the perfect thing to have.. I gave a few as Xmas gifts!
  6. My worst experience was when I passed thru the scanner in Coolangatta airport. The customs officer (a big guy) just shoved my Stresa PM facing down with no tray. I can hear the sound of the buckles clashing against the rollers. The pain was unbearable. :cursing:
  7. i knnow how you feel... it happened to me also. :sad:
    some people are just don't get it! hate that!
  8. Someone once told me a cute story about her sister who bought an expensive LV. She didn't know the style of the bag, but I picture it as an Artsy for some reason. The bag owner has a couple of kids. The bag is named Louis and has its own seat in the car and gets seatbelted in. One time Louis fell off the seat and onto the floor and the kids were freaking out yelling Mom Louis fell on the floor. I can't help laughing every time I think of this story because I am the same. My Louis sits in my ex husband"s lap whenever I give him a ride anywhere. I always say, here hold Louis and he does.:speedy:
  9. I agree with you 100%. I don't baby any of my bags, including my chanels, and they are in perfect condition. I feel that the more you baby or worry about stuff, the worst it is.
  10. SERIOUSLY???? Thats SO rude! Theyd never threat a computer with the same pricetag that way! Idiots!
  11. Last summer I had a cream colored signature Dooney & Bourke Speedy shaped bag. I was very careful with it, though I got a pen ink mark on it accidentally when I was in the car and writing down the name of a song I had just heard on the radio. I was in the parking lot of a shopping center and ran right into the store and got a stain remover called Consort. It got the mark out and I can't find where the stain was. Another time I took the bag to a family reunion and set it on the table where we would be eating. I moved it when the food came and put it in an empty cooler. Good thing I did cos my uncle accidentally spilled ice tea where the bag had been sitting. Then I noticed that my niece had moved the bag off the cooler and set it on the floor. Yikes! So I did find a spot for it in the corner on top of a pile of blankets. My sister had a tote in the same pattern but she just put her's on the floor. I can't do that with any bag no matter what designer. I guess I am just anal when it comes to bags. My sister now owns my Dooney satchel. I sold it to her to fund an LV. :speedy::speedy:
  12. At a party or anywhere, it is arrogant.

    Quoting myselft on this old thread. On a chair or on the floor, germs are everywhere!
  13. My question is where did your coat and gift bag that were on the chair with your bag go ?
    I do think it was rude ! What if you put your stuff there to save your place and she took it ?
  14. :wtf::wtf::nogood::nogood::mad::mad::mad:
  15. I can relate, my bags, no matter if it's my LVs or my Oryanys, never go on the floor. Like another poster said, I bring my bags home and put them on my furniture or bed, so I wouldn't want to transfer bathroom or restaurant floor germs to those surfaces. When I owned an upscale restaurant, I'd see lots of ladies carrying their LVs and other high end bags. Once in a while, they'd put them on the floor! As clean as a restaurant could be, there's ALWAYS food or liquid on the floor, it cannot be helped. Since I love bags and like to keep my own nice, I kept a supply of purse hooks at the hostess stand and would run over to the lady to offer it to her so she wouldn't have to put it on the floor. Would you believe that 100% of the time, they would refuse! Sometimes I got the impression they were embarassed to accept in case their tablemates thought they would be too fussy about their bag. I would be so tempted to just take their bag and hang it up myself, just to make ME feel better, LOL. But, that's their decision, and I would cringe watching the food and drinks swirl around that poor bag on the floor.....yuk!