LV on the floor :(

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  1. Nope. They make you put your belongings under your seat or up in the storage compartment over your head during take off and landing. This happened to me on my recent trip till I figured out I'm going to put my jacket over my purse to make it less "visible." :biggrin:
  2. Next time, you can pretend you need something from your purse and get her to hand the purse to you, or use that excuse to grab the purse yourself. I'm pretty sure I've done this myself haha.
  4. I wouldn't put my bag on the floor any more than I would put my coat or scarf on the floor! Ew! Personally, I find the idea disgusting. :nuts: If I can't find a clean space for it, I'll just hold on to it.
  5. That reminds me of last year when I had just got my Mahina L Noir and went to meet some friends at a coffee shop. I had my bag sitting on a chair beside me when the last friend arrived. She had been to the gym and after hellos she just threw her big gymbag on top of my Mahina!! :wtf:

    I - at least I think so- politely explained that this was my new, cherised LV bag and I would prefere if she would not place her gymbag on top on it like that. She gave me a very confusing look - but she´s one of those people who never gets my LV- thing and to whom bags are just bags. Even so, she could respect that I have a different approach to my bags than her...

    I have a bag hook now that I always use. Sometimes people will also ask for the chair and in that case I don´t think I can say "no, my bag´s sitting there" :P
  6. Exactly! A bag "alone" on a chair - expensive bag or not - means that seat is taken and you do no move the bag and take the seat yourself. How rude.
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  7. I am the exact same way. And besides, how rude of someone to handle your purse and put it on the floor, I don't care what kind of purse it is!
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  8. I put my Speedy on the floor at restaurants. Where else would one put it?

    I am not anal about germs though. I find it humorous when people use a tissue to open a bathroom door to leave and then touch a regular public door without one. Also, I do not touch the bottom of my bags with my hands so I am not sure how germs from the bottom (assuming they survived) would transfer to me. BTW, I never get sick! (knock wood)
  9. I learned this from observing a friend with LV: whenever she went to someone's home, she placed her LV under the largest table. This was the spot no one would be able to go near. No spills, no traffic, no dirt, nothing. She absolutely made sure it wasn't in a spot where others could access it or spill anything on it. I thought it was very smart and she obviously didn't show off her LV other than taking precautions with it.
  10. This happened to me too! Thankfully it was a Guess purse and not my speedy!
    I didn't even want to put that on the floor, I tried to keep in it my lap but of course they do a second run by to see if your all buckled in and the lady seen it and told me again to put it under the seat. :shocked:
  11. Wouldn't bother me, it seems ruder to take up a chair at a party with a bag. I wouldn't move someone's purse myself though, it doesn't seem appropriate, but I would think them rude for taking up a chair with their stuff (assuming a chair was needed).
  12. One time at a doctor's office, there was only the exam table and one chair in the room, so I naturally placed my Speedy on the chair. As the (very large) male doctor was talking to me, he just sat his butt on the chair, right on my purse!! He didn't even look before he sat down.
    I said, "Um, excuse me, you are sitting on my purse."
    "Oh," he replied, and moved it over, but his a** was still touching it!

    I felt his powers of observation to be......lacking........and did NOT have him perform my surgery! I'm just sayin' :wtf:
  13. I had someone put my epi on the floor at a party over the weekend. I'd just stepped away for a quick moment to throw away something and at that same moment, people sat down at the card table and put my bag on the floor.

    As soon as I returned, I grabbed my bag, glared at them and made it a point to share my displeasure with the host - who happened to be my baby brother - who explained to these young adults that that's not something you do and to recognize "quality" - lol. I immediately wiped it off with disinfectant wipes. Very admittedly, I am a germaphobe.

    When I fly, I carry two purse-sized plastic bags (one for departure and return flight) to place my bag in so it can go under the seat in front of me. If by chance I end up with a bulkhead seat, I try to place it in the bag and behind my legs and cover it with my entertainment mags. LOL.

    My bags DON'T touch the floor ever.
  14. I love it. :lol::roflmfao:
  15. :tup: