LV on the floor :(

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  1. Argh! I treat my LV as if its a person lol, its always either on my arm, on a hook or on a chair or bed! When im out and go to the toilet i place it on the hook behind the door. The thought of putting it on the public bathroom floor totally grosses me out! Think of the germs. :s
  2. I've yelled at people for putting my LV on the floor. I've also yelled at people for sitting on the chair that my place my bag, they are "squishing" my LV with their back or butt. Specially, the structured Epi bags!

    Sometimes, if I know that I will have no choice but place my bags on the floor, I'd pack a diapering matt with my bag.
  3. Sorry to hear about your LV ended up on the floor. I hate to have any of my bags on the floor. If I need to go to the toilet, I would ask my friend to hold my bag because I do not even like the thought of bringing my bag into the toilet.

    Once I need to make an urgent trip to a neighboring country and I boarded the plane with my new Gucci bag (thank goodness not LV). I almost freaked out when I realised that I am required by law to put my bag under the seat during the flight. I have to put a seat pillow under the seat so that my Gucci bag would not be ON the floor of the airplane.

  4. i had a similar situation, except it was a backyard bbq!!! i shouted "who put Louie on the ground??!!!" someone admitted to it, but i don't think she understood the magnitude of the situation. it's just wrong.
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  5. I guess she didn't know it was LV or the cost of LV bags? :shrugs:

    If she truly didn't know, I wouldn't be upset. People who don't know about something are innocent.
  6. My husband gets embarrassed when we go out to eat because I'll say we're a party of five when it's just the four of us. Often the hostess will double check and ask "is the fifth on their way?" and I'll say, "No, Louie is here" and point to my bag.

    I have two boys so it's always a major facepalm moment for my men.
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  7. i had a friend (a guy nonetheless) who needed to move my bag off a chair. and when he placed it on the table he said, "i know girls hate it when their bags are on the floor."

    :smile: he knows his stuff!
  8. It's not even that they put a designer bag on the floor.

    I was taught that you don't touch people's purses because it's rude.
    Designer or not doesn't make a difference.
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  9. So rude! I don't baby my purses too much but I do try to take good care of them and clean them with baby wipes once in a while. I wouldn't put them on a dirty floor!

  10. :lolots: I can relate, I do this often.
  11. I never leave my LV out of my sight.
  12. Hahaha that is funny :P

    I'm also really sensitive about people touching my personal belongings, such as my clothes and purses.
    This one time I set my bag on the arm of a sofa, where I thought it would be out of the way but then this girl decided to sit on the arm, even though the sofa was completely empty. She leaned back so that she was squishing my bag! I am too shy to say anything; I wouldn't know how to tell her to stop squishing my bag without sounding anal or awkward. So I just watched her squish my bag.... I remember thinking how she could be so oblivious as to not notice what she was doing!
  13. I'm sensitive about people touching my stuff. I don't like people touching my stuff without my permission, it annoys me. I don't think I'll bring out my designer bags to parties etc just because of fearing it from people touching the bag, moving, and getting it dirty.
  14. Oh... Aren't you allowed to place it on your lap? :shucks:
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    I will put any of my bags on the floor except for my empreinte artsy as long as it looks clean and dry and not in a bathroom. Bathroom floors are NOT for purses. Ick.

    I think it can be really inconsiderate to take up a bunch of space on a table at a party with a giant bag, so i will either leave my big bag at home and carry a clutch (eva or sunset blvd) or just carry a very small wallet in a pocket.

    If anybody is looking for a recommendation for a bag hook, i have a good one for you. I keep forgetting to use it, but i love the luxe link bag hook that i have. It is super cute, compact, and sturdy. I've seen some cheaply made ones break.