LV on the floor :(

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  1. That was my first thoughts...

    I would never leave my purse unattended at a party in the first place.
  2. Hi there:biggrin: I am new to this forum. We went to a restaurant at the Wynn when we were staying there but I can't remember the name of the restaurant for the life of me. Anyways, the waiter put a little version of a step stool next to my chair just for my purse, it was so cute! He said the restaurant created this because someone who was carrying an expensive purse refused to place her purse on the floor.

    Just thought i'd share:smile:
  3. I hate it when my bags are on the ground :nono:
  4. That was rude, unfortunately, some people do not realize how handbags can be a prized possession to others...they think it's just like a school bag! I once went to a kid's birthday party and place my Chanel bowler on a stool at a corner to get some finger food. When I came back like 5 mins later, it was sitting on the floor. Not very happy but well, what to do. At least it's clean floor.
  5. I'm going out to dinner on wednesday night with some co workers... and I don't wanna bring my new speedy, b/c I'm gonna feel so lame putting it on it's own chair lmao ughhh
  6. omg that makes me mad too! so many people throw my purse on the floor too when i specifically put it on a chair or table so it wont get dirty! that is so rude in my opinion!
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    I realised there is nothing u can do. To most people, a bag is a functional piece and doesn't cost a lot of money, so bags get thrown around. Dirty? Wash it or get a new one. I hate it when I have to put my bag on the conveyor belt at train station or shopping mall.( see lots of these in developing countries ) The belt is dirty and I had bad stains on one of my Lv bags cause of that.

    I learnt to gauge the conditions of the place I am going before choosing a bag to use. I love eva or evelyne cause I can hide them in my coat or have them cross body on me all the time.

    For others, I have a clothed shopping bag in my bag. I placed my Lv in them before putting it down anywhere.

    But back in my homeland, to be honest, as long as the bag has feet and the place looks clean, I have my bag on the floor.
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  8. Agree
  9. That is so rude!
  10. left it on a chair a long with my gift bag and coat...
  11. Ugh...I feel you pain! I was at a backyard BBQ last summer, I was sitting on a chair with my LV on my lap. Well, I had to get up to go get some more food in the kitchen, so I left my bag on my chair (so I can come back to my chair, and I was gone like 2 mins), I came back and some guy was sitting on my chair and he had placed my bag on the damp patio! :cursing:
  12. sooo rude!
    my bags never touch the ground!
  13. I always put my purse on the hook, but sometimes you can't avoid putting it on the floor. Well I guess if you're desperate enough you could hold it while you're sitting on the toilet LOL but i'm already busy making sure my underwear doesn't touch the toilet, so i don't have enough hands to hold onto a purse either so at that point it has to go on the floor. :-[
  14. I don't understand the mentality of others sometimes. If I see a bag on a seat, to me that means the seat is taken. Isn't that the unspoken rule? It's rude to steal someones seat much less handle their stuff so rudely.

    I love the idea of little purse stools in restaurants. I love bags that aren't as structured so I can put it behind me when I sit. When I go to movies, I always share my seat with my purse too. :P
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  15. I absolutely agree. How rude to take that seat and dump the bag on the floor. Some people don't have manners.