LV on the floor :(

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  1. I went to a Christmas party (2x) and the next thing you know my LV is in the floor.... how rude!!! (someone put it in the floor) :mad:
    I've taken good care of my purses. When there's rain, my purse is the first thing who get coverage. When i'm at the restaurant, my purse gets its own chair...etc..etc
    I know i'm anal but that's how i treasured them...
  2. I am like you because I baby my purse. Some people will never understand.
  3. I agree-- that is totally rude. But some people just don't treasure their bags. That's why you see all these cruddy looking used bags for sale with the piping all rubbed and exposed and rips and tears in the canvas. (And the buyer "doesn't know how the rips got there" or calls everything normal wear and tear....

    Plus not to mention all the germs on the bottom of the bag from being set down on dirty floors!
  4. Totally understand how you feel. Next time, bring a bag that you can keep with you and you don't have to worry about. This is how I avoid anxiety about people moving my stuff.
  5. Ick, the idea of this drives me insane. Especially because when I get home, I place my bags on my bed... then who knows where those germs could travel from there
  6. Gah!! My best bag is a Steve Madden (LOL, yeah, I know) and I don't even put that one on the floor!! Some people have no respect.
  7. Where did you leave it sitting, that someone would put it on the floor? :wondering
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  8. Designer brand or not, bags shouldn't be placed on the floor because of the possible germs it'll come in contact with :nogood: that's why I always bring a bag hook with me!
  9. How did they get it off your arm to be able to put it on the floor?
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  10. GASP!! No Vuitton on the floor ever!
  11. this reminds me when I was in the bathroom at a mall, there was a lady in a stall with her Gucci on the floor. EW.
  12. right! the same exact thing happened to me & im surprised i was able to keep it together. my DH's work group had a holiday get together @ one of their homes. I placed my epi speedy on the coffee table in front. Well the table was moved to the side to set up rock band & someone ended up sitting on the coffee table and putting my bag on the floor :wtf: i calmly explained that louis does not go on the floor & i would happily hold it in my lap. why would you touch someone else's bag? esp place it on the floor??!!???
  13. absolutely hated putting my bag on the floor unless its my own home.
    i use my whole body to 'protect' it!
  14. I baby all my purses... I don't leave any of my bags or backpack on the floor...
  15. I feel for you, there's no way in hell I'll place my louis on the floor when I'm in public.
    Even at home, I always put them on my bed or chair, except for my petite noe, which is a bit older now.

    That person has no respect or common sense. All the dirt on the floor! Ewww...