LV on Rodeo Drive boutique: return policy

  1. hello,
    just wondering do you guys know what is the return policy at the LV boutique at the Rodeo Drive in BH store??? thx
  2. I think it's 14 days to return, 30 days to exchange/get store credit..I've only bought a couple of things there though so I can't be sure.
  3. This is on the bottom of my Rodeo Drive receipt:

    Merchandise in saleable condition may be returned or exchanged within 14 days of purchase when accompanied by the original receipt. Store credits are valid for one year from date of issued.
  4. ^ yup.
  5. Isn't the return policy the same in all USA boutiques?
  6. ^^i meant to dig up my receipt the last time a thread came up about boutique return policies, but only remembered to this time around. here's what my receipt said:

    Merchandise in perfect saleable condition may be exchanged or returned for a Store Credit when accompanied by the original sales receipt within 14 days of purchase. Store credits are valid for one year from date issued.

    It says this exactly on both receipts I have, from January and end of February 2007, one from King of Prussia LV boutique and one from the boutique in SoHo in New York. Surely I'm not the only one with receipts that state this policy? ...It could be just me, but it seems to imply that anything you buy there can ONLY be returned/exchange for store credit. In other words, no refunds.
  7. ^Wonder if they are going back to the old return policy from the 80's? It was store credit only and no refund back then.
  8. They still do refund within 14 days.... I just did a return back in January
  9. My receipt said the same thing as below....but what does it mean returned for a Store Credit when accompanied by the original sales receipt within 14 days of purchase.??
    Does that mean that I can only exchange it or get store credit within 14 days and not able to return it to get full refund back on my credit card??
    Please help!! thanks

  10. I've seen some stores who say returns within 14 days for refund.

    I know for sure when I bought my denim neo speedy when it was first released on the wait list at Hawaii that it was exchange only or receive store credit. Cause I wasn't thrilled with the bag at first but I couldn't get my money back so oh well. lol
    Each store determines their policy I guess?
  11. that's what it seems like and it's what i've been told.
  12. The old policy in 1980 was "ALL SALES FINAL" , but you could exchange within the 7 day period.

    The newer policy is pretty fair within 14 days for refund to cc or exchange.
  13. ^^ so do different stores just determine their own policy? or do you think they're all going to slowly and eventually revert to this "new" policy of actually refunding to the cc rather than store credit only?
  14. All regular consumer rights apply to LV purchases too though, no matter what the "store policy" is. THose are different from country to country.