LV on Parade at the zoo!

  1. We took our son to the Philadelphia Zoo on Sunday. Oh my! LV by the hundreds. My Dh was hysterical because I was oblivious to the animals and looking at bag after bag. Waiting in line I counted 9- the girl in front of me with a new MC Mariyln (I saw 3 there) we got into a convo about LV and she admired my Azur Noe as I checked out Mariyln (nice bag, too small for me). I think for the first time, I saw more authentic bags than fake ones. Lots of Gucci, Chanel (mostly fakes) and of course Coach and D&B everywhere. Funny thing- it started to rain and more bags were covered with plastic bags than children were with umbrellas. LOL
  2. lol cute story! thanks for sharing!:biggrin:
  3. Wow, that's a lot of LV sightings in one day. Last weekend when I was in the mall, I saw people with MC White Alma, Denim Pleaty, Denim Baggy GM, PH, BH, Mini Looping, and Azur Speedy.
  4. hahaha funny and cute story
  5. That's how u can tell if it's auth or not:graucho:
  6. ^---- :roflmfao: TOTALLY TRUE!!
  7. That is funny! I'd be checking out the bags instead of the animals too.
  8. OMG I would have been in absolute heaven :giggles:
  9. LV sightings are always fun. Great to see how other peoples bags have aged too.
  10. This is such a funny story! I am going to the Philadelphia Zoo in a couple weeks! If you are there--look for me--I will be the one carrying the Mono Bosphore!
  11. cute.
  12. :roflmfao: Good thing people have their prorities right. ;)
  13. How fun! Its more fun to look at bags than animals anyway hahaha
  14. I agree! :lol:
  15. Cute story. I always love spotting LV's when I am out.