LV on job interview..

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  1. #1 Feb 18, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2010
    would it be okay if i bring my speedy on my job interview? or should i go with a little clutch? its at walmart.. give me some input guys! :smile:

    shes a 35 mono
  2. The speedy should be fine. Is it mono or damier. I ask because many people don't recognize damier anyway.
  3. mono :smile:
  4. I say no-
  5. I think it would be fine. Why not?

  6. ITA:smile:
  7. I just say no because you never know if someone is a secret brand snob- Maybe one would think, well you couldn't need the job too much if you are carrying a 700 dollar purse, now, I dont think like that, but there are weird people who take such things like that into account- But I am only talking monogram because its the most obvious- I think if someone should bring an LV to a job interview, it should be understated, like Epi or Damier, just my opinion though!

  8. good points.. all stuff ive considered.. :-\

    i guess a clutch is much simpler and not showy at all.
  9. go with a clutch
  10. I say NO!

    I carried my speedy damier ebene to a job interview before and thought no one would recognize it (since it'll be mostly around male doctors). Lo and behold, a male interviewer looked at my bag and gave me this weird look. He definitely knew it was Louis Vuitton. Although I wouldn't say it hurt me too much, it didn't help me either. He was probably thinking I didn't really need the job compared to others =\.
  11. i agree as well. i had a boss this way my 1st job (im 21) she was such a snob i carried coaches to work very nice ones its all i owned and practically lived at work so had to use them sometime. well she woud make snide comments to co workers how im a spoiled brat etc. needless to say i dont work there any longer. too much drama. so i wouldnt use the speedy
  12. wow! PursesAddict and NITE.. that sucks! im sorry! people are such jealous pricks!
  13. I would go with the clutch but that's just my opinion.
  14. Yeah, I agree. I wouldn't bring LV to an interview. You never know if there's a bag snob on staff.
  15. I think its okay!