LV on first date?

  1. I am going on a first date and I was wondering, would it be okay to wear/bring my LV purse? Would it give a message of me being a high maintenance if I do? :confused1:
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  2. You work it!!! Be you! If he/she judges, then move on.
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  3. Based on DH, I don't think men are critical but my DH is oblivious. I did tell a friend that her month old Artsy does not go to a movie theater. So, maybe it also depends on the type of date you are going on. If I would have a date that my LV needs a chair, too I am not sure he would understand.
  4. Unlike a job interview, for which I think one must be very mindful of the way one can be perceived (a job is at stakes after all!), on a date you should wear whatever reflects your taste. If he/she doesn't care for people into luxury goods, better know it on the first date than on the second date!
  5. It may, but only if they make snap judgements based on appearances without opportunity for changing their minds, so does it matter? Wear what makes you feel good. If that's LV, wear it. Be your happiest. If you're at your happiest and they're going to judge you negatively for an accessory, you two probably just aren't compatible.
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  6. You can't really control how they perceive it, everyone has different views on luxury goods (but we also all have our own vices and interests). I would wear what you like and try to have a good time, if there's something there, your bag shouldn't affect it and if it does, than it's their issue, not yours.
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  7. If carrying an LV is going to make you "high maintenance" in their mind, isn't it best to find that out on date #1 ?
    Like which date would be better for you to find that out ? Date #3 ? Be yourself and approach the date hoping for someone that you like. Would you like someone who looked past your personality and judged you on a handbag that you carried? Do you want to date a person that no matter how you treated them and the other people you come into contact with that night, they are going to focus on your bag?!

    If I was dating again, I would use my Louis Vuitton bag as a way to weed out judgemental jerks.
  8. 100% agree!! Great advice
  9. Well, I generally agree with the 'be yourself' approach.
    But it is easier for women because for them wearing LV can only have a social effect. When men do it, it also affects how masculine they are perceived.
    Whenever I went on a date with an LV, it didn't work out. I am a 5"11 bearded top guy, but once I got a "I don't want any Prada princesses' message after a date where I had my Cobalt Keepall with me. And whenever I swapped the Taurillon Initials belt with a 16$ H&M one, the date usually went well, very well.
    LV is high fashion, and no matter how subtle pieces you'll choose, gay guys will put you in the non-masuline drawer for that, no matter how you act, how you look.
    And I also found that when the sex is good and Date #4 and #5 comes, it is safer just then to start to let the other one know that you have this hobby of collecting Vuitton. So whenever I date, let it be a classic date or just fun, I am quite cautious to wear these. At least in the beginning.
    And to the ladies, I also would recommend to hold the big guns for later and if the other person is not a fashion enthusiast at all, let him know in a softer way, so that he won't assume that this is a very important thing in your life. Because it not.
    And it is one thing that it can scare off men who assume that a lady carrying LV is 'high maintenance', the other thing is that some men — while not being scared by it at all — will use it as a weapon later on: they assume that with a Clés or another Speedy, they can buy you in an argument or silence you. And that won't be visible until Date #30, and while the first guy left on the first date, this one wasted half a year from your lives when it turns out that he sees you as a sugarbaby.
    I truly believe than everyone here in the forum is an independent, strong woman, and you can wear your LV all you want, but at the end of the day, collecting Vuitton is just as much of strange habit as collecting vintage Piano Legs or Russian Post Stamps, and starting a date with sharing these would make us all look... well, maybe a little too interesting :smile:
    Happy dating everyone :smile:
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  10. That's so f*cking rude. I'm rolling my eyes right now at the queen who told you that.
  11. I'm not sure why you think that would send a high maintenance message in the 1st place?
    Women who carry LV are high maintenance somehow? I don't think so... and I've carried my LV
    on many many dates over the years and never once have been called high maintenance. In fact, I've always
    considered myself much more low maintenance since I support myself & buy myself what I want.

    It's your persona, not your bag, that will show whether or not you're "that" type. And if anyone, man or woman, is going to judge me by my purse that's not someone I care to hang with.
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  12. I feel like I live in an opposite world :biggrin:

    I wore my two Vuitton runway shirts (below was literally how I dressed, minus the choker) to 1st and 2nd important job interview and scale down to black jean/black tee for dates :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:


    I feel like it's very tricky when it comes to dating. Sometimes the guy would dig it, sometimes they don't. It really depends on the setting and where the date is going to take place, I'd go casual for like a quick drink at a bar but would dress up with a nice bag/clutch at a nicer, more elegant dinner date. You don't want to overdress but you certainly don't want to underdress either.
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  13. Girl be yourself. Let him know the real you. If he finds offence to your taste it`s better to know now than battle about it if you`re in a relationship.
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  14. I just remembered that years ago I was on a date with my LV handbag and the guy said "hey isn`t that one of those expensive handbags?" I said " It`s a Louis Vuitton" . He said "Wow maybe you need to buy me dinner!"
  15. It used to be such a great filter. We all have so much about us; an interest in purses/luxury goods is just a facet. If someone wanted to only see one side, I did not want to waste my time with them.
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